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Hi. I’m Janine Brolly.  Having worked with hundreds of women, I have come to learn how epidemic and universal it is that women do not fully value themselves.  As a result, we are not able to fully show up in the world. It’s time to make a shift!.

I advocate, speak and facilitate gatherings to empower women – to help them align with their calling and live with greater expression and fulfillment. To truly know their value and claim their worth. This is my promise and dedication to you. 

Guiding women like you to see yourself in an expansive, new light, to reclaim your energy, power and ultimately help answer your deepest calling.  My flagship program, The Worthy & Wealthy Women’s Mastermind, is a 6-week interactive online series designed specially to help you discover the steps I personally took to reclaim my energy and quadruple my income, with less effort and with greater fulfillment

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My Story

It took many years and two turning points in my life to realize that I could see success in every area by releasing the search for external approval and claiming ownership of the life I am meant to live.

Janine Brolly | About

2003: I am worthy of having more time freedom.

I had great health, a flourishing career, a wonderful loving family, and two daughters under 5. As a health professional, I made good money and loved what I did, but my first turning point came when I realized I wanted more freedom. Specifically, I wanted more TIME freedom – time to spend with my family, time to do what I wanted, when I wanted, and with whom I wanted.

I wanted the freedom to live life on my own schedule.

Although I had some flexibility at work, I wanted more. I didn’t want someone else dictating when or what I should do and what my salary cap would be. I wanted more freedom in my career which meant more freedom in life. Soon after, I was introduced to the idea of entrepreneurship, which gave me the opportunity to create that time freedom and, ultimately, change the course of my life.

2007: I am worthy of having more financial freedom

A couple years after entering the world of entrepreneurialism, both my parents were diagnosed with cancer. I had built my business to a point where my basic bills were covered and I was able to take the time to be with my mom when she most needed me. She passed in 2007, and I am so grateful I was able to be there. Shortly after her passing I went through a separation, then a divorce.

When I surfaced, I recall a defining moment where I realized all my energy was going out, and, at the end of the day, I wasn’t available for me. I was missing my own life because I was so busy taking care of everyone else.

That’s when I made it my mission to put the focus back on me! Once I did, everything fell into place…well almost everything. My business grew immensely, setting me up financially. I took care of my girls. But I forgot, again, to take care of Janine.

See, I thought I was giving to myself, but I was so single-focused on succeeding that I hadn’t nourished myself along the way. I worked it so hard that my adrenals plummeted and I burned out. I had immense gratitude for my financial independence, but I wasn’t truly wealthy. After my adrenal burnout, I realized that financial wealth is only one aspect of an abundant life, and I wanted to be truly wealthy.

Over time I learned to take care of myself and my needs alongside the needs of my business and my daughters. When I claimed my true worth and began living in greater alignment with who I am and what I’m here to do, my life transformed.

Today, I am living a truly abundant and purpose-driven life.

I believe women, in particular, need reminding that they are truly worthy. Because of my own experiences, learning and insights, I am able to help women realize their value and innate power.  I believe that in order to be successful and fulfilled in any area of our lives, we must first connect deep within ourselves.

When we have a deep knowing of ourselves and our purpose, we act from a place of inspiration, and that’s when the magic happens!

Hang onto your dreams, never give into doubt, keep the faith with persistent and consistent action, and you cannot be anything but successful.

I see you, I believe in you, and I am here to help you see your worth and accelerate your success, in every way.

– Janine Brolly

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