How to Be a Conscious Creator!

How to Be a Conscious Creator!

Last Friday, we had an incredible Masterclass – Consciously Create Your Best Year Yet. Women showed up and did the work to reclaim their energy, purpose and power.

Becoming a conscious creator means being in your power. It means living aligned with your inner purpose.

Today, I’d like to highlight one area we focussed on – how to reframe traditional goal setting and create vibrational goals instead.

Think about the vision board. We plaster pictures all over of the ‘dream life’ that we want. The problem with vision boards is that there is no focus. Your vision is scattered, just like the board.

With traditional goal setting we focus on the goal, and RARELY get into the FEELING; which is the secret sauce to bringing your desires to fruition!

Here’s what to do instead to create powerful vibrational goals: Create a wheel with 8 spokes, then put the following 8 categories in each spoke:

  1. Physical/Health/Fitness Wellbeing
  2. Love/Romance/Intimate partner
  3. Family/Friends/Community
  4. Spirituality/Personal Development
  5. Financial
  6. Fun/Recreation/Hobby/Creativity
  7. Career/Business
  8. Life Purpose/ Vision

Pick your top 3 categories and create your top 3 desires you want for 2021.

Next, make a list of how each of these desires FEEL once accomplished. (Come up with as many feeling as possible!)

For example, if you desire a new love, you might choose FEELING words like: loved, nurtured, adored, cherished, supported, at ease, safe… you get the picture? Here’s how you put it into practice:

  1. Coming into presence
  2. Marrying your desires (in the form of a mental image) with your FEELING
  3. Bask in the FEELING as long as you can!
  4. Rinse & repeat

Again, FEEL FEEL FEEL your desires as if they were already accomplished. This is the secret sauce, and often the missing ingredient in making your desires a reality!

For the full version, we have decided to keep the Masterclass in the Conscious Creators in Wealth, Love & Purpose! Facebook group – you can access the group here.

Embodying radical self-love and unconditional self-acceptance

Embodying radical self-love and unconditional self-acceptance

Today I’m sharing one of the most important messages you’ll ever hear. I cannot overemphasize just how important today’s learnings are for every woman

Embodying radical self-love and unconditional self-acceptance is a MUST to becoming a conscious creator.

As women, we get tripped up on this. Between Society’s messaging and our own unconscious programming and beliefs, we’ve dismissed self-love as ‘fluffy’, a nice to have, but ultimately non-essential thing to have.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

As women, many of us also moms, we are natural nurturers. We are conditioned to take care of others, BUT often at the cost of ourselves.

But we must realize that there is a big difference between GIVING OF ourselves and GIVING UP ourselves. Giving of ourselves is a beautiful thing. Giving up ourselves is not very loving.

Imagine, for a moment, if ALL our decisions came from a place of truly loving ourselves!

We’d be powerful and unstoppable!!!

So take a moment now to ask yourself, what does self-love look like to you?

Think of the people you love the most. You’d probably rate yourself a 10 out of 10 for how well you treat them and love on them. You’d do anything for them right?

What about yourself? How would you rate how well you love yourself? 10? 8? 6?

If it’s not a 10, it’s time to do the work to change that!

Self-love and self-acceptance are NOT selfish. IT’S RESPONSIBLE!!!

It’s how we can best serve ourselves, and how we can best serve and LOVE others!

Remember: You came from love, are made from love, ARE LOVE.

Come watch this week’s training and build your 2 Tier Self-Love List.

Become Greater! Than Your Circumstances By Recognizing Your Truth

Become Greater! Than Your Circumstances By Recognizing Your Truth

Following my recent video, How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires, I was asked a question by a member of my community:

‘Janine, you said, “To manifest our desires, we must be greater than our circumstances, and we must be as happy with our vibrational reality as if it were here in our physical reality.” I get this conceptually, but how do I actually DO this?’

When we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, too busy, and like there is too much crazy in the world, just how do we choose happiness and fulfillment?

To answer the question, let’s start with a Truth – your Truth to be exact.

The way for you to become greater than your circumstances and be as happy with your vibrational reality as by recognizing your Truth.

Recognizing and living connected to your Truth is the THE MOST important way you can live your life! And it’s the most important piece in being a conscious creator!

Let’s make the distinction.

Being stressed, carrying an extra 10lbs (or 20!), believing you’re not good enough, or feeling unworthy of more are NOT WHO YOU ARE!! IT IS NOT YOUR TRUTH, THOSE ARE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

So, what is your Truth?

Your Truth is that you are whole, complete, pure love, limitless, extension of Source/God/Creator.

When you live your life connected to your Truth, life happens with LESS efforting.

This is HOW you become greater than your circumstances; it’s how you receive guidance, support, flow, and feel fulfilled.

Sadly, many of us have forgotten our Truth. And when we forget… life is hard.

We mistake our circumstances as our Truth.

There is a difference between what is real and what is True. Just because something is real, doesn’t mean it’s true.

So to get back to our question: HOW do you live more connected to your Truth? Watch this week’s video to find out…

How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires!

How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires!

In today’s video I show you how to be a vibrational match to your desires. Watch it now or check out the nuggets below.

Be sure to check out the full video in the group:

Busting the Myth!
Most of us believe once we manifest our desire, we will feel good. But this is faulty thinking… We have CHOICE HOW we want to feel and WHEN. We can feel good regardless of circumstance.

The Real Reason for Your Desires
The real reason you want the desire is how it will make you FEEL, not the actual manifestation. (Yes, it’s true!)

How Do We Be a Vibrational Match to Our Desires?
Think of your desire RIGHT NOW. How does your desire make you feel? I mean really FEEL? Feel this feeling (vibration) FULLY – in advance as if you already have it AND feel it regardless of your current circumstance.

To be a vibrational match you MUST:

  1. Have a matching elevated emotion – experienced as if it’s here. Done deal!
  2. Practice it’s vibrational reality and be just as happy, content, and fulfilled with the vibrational reality as if you had it in your                 physical reality.

I will leave you with these 2 nuggets

  1. I choose to feel greater than my current circumstances.
  2. I cannot be a vibrational match to my desire, if I am busy being a vibrational match to my current reality

Debunk this manifestation myth!

Debunk this manifestation myth!

During my last FB Live I shared a Top Manifesting Myth that gets in the way of most women attracting what they want in Wealth, Love & Purpose. Watch it now or check out the nuggets below.

Be sure to check out the full video in the group:

This week I dive into another top manifesting myth – your focus. It may not be what you think.

How are you focusing?…

You’re doing all the things – visualizations, affirmations, vision boards – but what is your focus?

Absence versus presence…

Are you reinforcing absence by unconsciously telling yourself you don’t have what you want?

Recognize the presence, not the absence of what you seek.

On refocusing on something you don’t have…

Practice the presence of what you want by the way you think, feel and act

On awareness…

We must first become aware of what we are focusing on, so that we can shift our point of attraction.

On your next steps…

Remember: To manifest anything, you must be as happy with its vibrational reality as it being here in physical form.

You have the power to collapse time!

You have the power to collapse time!

As the holiday season approaches, along with the crisp December air I feel each day as I walk Riley, comes that familiar feeling of busyness, striving, and doing.

The holidays may be different this year, but it doesn’t change the fact that many people are caught in the cycle of ‘doing’ and not slowing down enough to really enjoy themselves, to BE in the flow, and to appreciate the gifts around them.

This is the exact reason why I got into this work. I used to have a pattern of burn out. It was pretty normal for me to go so hard and push myself in my work as well as my fitness until my body forced me to stop. I eventually learned the hard way that there is a much better way; a more elegant, more feminine and more efficient way to achieve your goals.

These days I am committed to my daily practices that support my way of Being. I still have a big vision, a purpose that I am pursuing with all my heart.

But the beautiful thing is that I’ve finally learned that we can truly have it all without the burn out.

But my practices are just that… practices. I’m not perfect and sometimes I catch myself slipping. The saving grace is that I’ve built up my self-awareness muscle, so now when I see that happening I’m able to realign and keep going.

Let me give you an example. I have several projects in the works right now for my business. I’m launching the first intake for 2021 for my High Powered Living program, am deep into creating a brand new program (more on that another time) and I’ve just launched my brand new Facebook community. Plus a few other exciting projects on the go!

Every one of these are aligned with my purpose and inspire me regularly.

Yet earlier this week I started to feel overwhelmed. With the different projects on the go and the need to be at my best for each one of them, I noticed I was starting to feel foggy and scattered in my actions because there were just too many!

Have you ever had it happen where you have so many ‘to do’s’ going through your head that you felt foggy or scattered? That was me. The same time I was feeling this way, I also had a knowing that when my life gets busier and more ‘full’ that I need to amp UP my practice to support me even more. I know this from personal experience.

I had to put my knowing into practice AND put my money where my mouth was, seeing as I mentor women on how to build their own daily practices!

So before going to bed, I got still and quieted my mind the best I could. I spent a bit more time here than usual. Then I asked for guidance.

The next morning before fully waking, I was flooded with ideas and answers for my upcoming projects. I quickly grabbed my phone, opened up my voice memos and articulated the whole plan I just ‘received’.

What would have taken me about 10 hours of work, came through in less than 10 minutes. Wow!

This is what it means to do more with less effort; to collapse time.


It was such reinforcement that we are always supported, always guided. We just have to get out of our own way!!

Sadly, I hear many people say that when they get busier, their ‘practice’ is often the first thing to slide. But it’s the exact opposite of what needs to happen! I know it seems counterintuitive to slow down and create space in order to be productive, but it’s what we need and really the only path to Being the best version of ourselves.

So what does this have to do with you?

If there is something you’ve been needing to get done, but you’re struggling to focus on it or feel at a standstill, I encourage you to create space for yourself. Block off time, do some meditation, yoga, walk in nature or whatever it is that helps you clear your head, then go to bed and ‘forget’ about it.

Giving your mind that break makes room for creative ideas, answers, and insights to come in. In fact it is vital to operate from your highest self. Our greatest source of power comes from the spaces we create between all the doing.

And when we are BEING, instead of DOING all the time, we experience much more joy, creativity and fulfillment. Sounds pretty great, right?