Your 4 ‘ABSOLUTE MUST’ steps to being wealthy!

Your 4 ‘ABSOLUTE MUST’ steps to being wealthy!

Today we explore the 4 foundational steps to being wealthy.


We are ALL here to express our unique calling… It’s what you are here to do! And for those that say they don’t know why they are here, well, the truth is you DO know. Within us, we DO know why we are here, we just need to tap into that part of ourselves.


This seems so simple, but most people just never decide. In order to create what we want, we must first consciously decide that we are going to make it happen. As soon as we decide, we are co-conspiring with universal intelligence to make it a reality.


Once you decide, you will be challenged. When we begin to grow, it’s normal to bump up against our stuff before we breakthrough. Know that your subconscious is trying to keep you safe. Be wise to this and consciously choose to stay the course.


When you know what you want and you’ve decided, the next step is to bring your future self into the present; fully embody it now. Your embodiment is what brings it to fruition.

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Increase Your Wealth By Shifting These Two Vibrations

Increase Your Wealth By Shifting These Two Vibrations

With getting energy, we think we are bringing it closer, but we’re actually pushing it away.This week I explore 2 vibrations that when we have awareness of, we can shift and get into alignment with the higher frequency of abundance.

The first stems from our unconscious programming from society, media, family and others around us of ‘not enough’, that we are not enough, that there is not enough.

This idea of lack seeps in and affects us both consciously and unconsciously.

Our reaction to this scarcity is to go out and “get”. This energy keeps us constantly striving to fill that lack. So rather than living from abundance, we are living from a place of constantly trying to get what we perceive we lack.

The second vibration I want you to be aware of begins with the understanding that wealth is our natural state. It is the opposite of greed and “getting” energy.

Wealth is who we really are – yes it can mean money, but it’s so much more. It is the essence of who we are.

There IS enough. Always has been, always will be. Let that sink in for a minute. Your conscious mind will want to challenge this, but in reality the only lack in our lives is what we have created.

With getting energy, we think we are bringing it closer, but we’re actually pushing it away.

So think for a moment about what the frequency of “getting” feels like in your body. Is it anxiousness, fear, constriction? Tap into it and understand what it feels like.

Now let that go and imagine what giving feels like. What does that feel like in your body? Is it freeing, flowing, and open?

When we KNOW that we are whole and abundant, there is no resistance. We simply accept there is enough and that we can be of service. We can give and love on others from a place of understanding that abundance is everywhere.

This is the quickest way to greater wealth.

When we approach life from a place of how we can give and serve, that’s when we attract more abundance in our lives.

So today I challenge you to ask yourself, what can you do today to give more?

When you do this, you will raise your frequency from the vibration of GETTING to the vibration of GIVING from which place you will experience more abundance!

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The Power of Embodying Your Feminine Essence!

The Power of Embodying Your Feminine Essence!

This week I dive deep into the concept of honouring and embodying your native feminine essence.

I’m definitely not the first person to talk about how women are born into a world of inequality. Nor am I the first to tell you that many women learn to embrace masculine energy to get ahead… meaning we over-ride our native essence.

Why does this matter so much?

When we don’t fully honour our feminine, whether we are consciously aware we are doing it or not, we are giving away our personal power and preventing ourselves from living our fullest expression.

And when we do that, it will impact every area of our lives from our relationships to our businesses or our bank accounts.

Watch the video now and explore with me…

  • just what feminine and masculine energy is (Hint: This has very little to do with whether you are a man or a woman),
  • what YOUR native sexual essence is,
  • and how to embody more of your native feminine essence and take back your power.

Watch the vlog now… would love to know what you think.

How to get answers quickly AND that are right!

How to get answers quickly AND that are right!

Excited to be sharing this week’s topic with you – how to make big decisions and KNOW without any doubt you’re getting the right answer!

Have you ever had a BIG decision to make?

  • What’s the best way to grow my business?
  • Is this business/career path right for me?
  • Should I stay or leave this relationship?

… BUT couldn’t seem to get an answer OR you got an answer but didn’t trust it?

First off, know that when you ask… it is given. The problem is we get in our own way and block ourselves from receiving the answer!

How? By creating resistance.

We are so overly identified with our intellect, that when it comes to decision-making we get in our head and look for our answers here. But have you ever noticed, the harder you try, the more you push your answer away?

Most decisions are not purely intellectual! So we need to learn to LET GO of the intellect and make decisions in a new way!

A new way where you come to realize the answer is right in front of you!

To learn how to take the path of least resistance so you get your answers quickly AND trust them when you do receive them….

Watch the vlog now and let me know how it goes.

How to Be Your Future Self NOW

How to Be Your Future Self NOW

In this week’s vlog, I show you how to be your future self now. I’m not talking conceptually, but by actually creating an internal experience that you can put into practice over and over again.

To do this, you first need to understand that most of us are trying to create from our current state, but our current state is a record of the past (past thinking, feelings, experiences). So when we try to you create the future from this state, we get more of the past.

When it comes to creating our future, I think Neville said it best, “All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled.”

So to create your future self now, you need to create an internal experience by teaching your brain how to IMAGINE its future self and teaching your body how to FEEL its future self NOW.

Watch it now would love to hear what you think.

THE PROCESS: From Thought to Reality

THE PROCESS: From Thought to Reality

In this week’s vlog, I walk you through The Process and share the cheat sheet with you.

Think about anything you want to create in your life – writing a book, making more money, or strengthening your relationship.

To bring anything big or small from thought to reality, The Process will bring awareness of when we are on the path of least resistance and the path of most resistance.

This big picture awareness helps to reframe your resistance so that you can shift onto the path of least resistance. This is where your desire will manifest.

Watch it now and tell me what you think.