Do you create vision boards? You’re not alone. Many people use this tool as a way to manifest what they want in their lives. It seems like such a great idea, right? A tool to help visualize the things we want in life.

Maybe we took a workshop, diligently built out our ideal life with photos cut out of magazines or printed off the internet. Then we hung it on our walls and looked at it every day. We stare at it and think about that car we want to drive or that house we want to live in.

Then we start to get disappointed (or frustrated) that the vision board isn’t helping us to get those things we want. It’s not working. Grrrr!!

We might ask a teacher or coach about this, and they might give us advice like, “You just need to try harder” or “You’re not focusing enough”. Ugh, really?

So, just what is the problem? Here are the two biggies that most people miss.

1. Believability of Our Vision:  When we create beautiful vision boards of the life we want, we typically add a lot of photos of a lifestyle that is probably really far off from what we currently live. It might be a big house, a slim body, an expensive car, vacations to exotic places. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things (in fact, wanting or desiring when from your essence is part of the human condition AND how we grow), but it’s often such a big leap that our minds don’t feel it’s believable. And if it’s not believable, we have created an unconscious block from bringing it to fruition.

Am I saying never go for the big hairy audacious goals? Absolutely not! In fact, I am a fan of them. Stretch yourself, but be sure they feel believable to you!

2. Thoughts Behind the Vision: If you understand the basics of manifestation, you know that thoughts become things. So what thoughts are we actually saying (aloud or in our head)? Probably, “I really want this car, that I DON’T HAVE” or “I want to live in this house, that I DON’T HAVE”. So although it might seem like we’re asking for what we want, what we’re actually doing is emphasizing what we perceive we LACK. And this lack will override our desire.

We’re telling the universe (God, The Creator, Universal Intelligence, Source) that we don’t have something, so the universe brings us more of that energy – to NOT have the car, house, money, etc.

So instead of our vision boards bringing us closer to our dreams, they’re repelling the very things that we want. Eeek, not fun!

Here’s how to address these two problems we so commonly overlook.

Before creating a vision board (or any intention in any form), spend time getting quiet, connect to that part of yourself that is all knowing – the part of you that knows that you are limitless, full of possibilities, and capable of bringing your deepest desires to fruition. From this place:

1. Ask yourself, “What do I desire most?” Use your imagination, don’t limit yourself, stretch yourself while still feeling it’s believable. Paint this picture as vividly as you can in your mind.2. Shift your focus from the actual tangible desire (house, new job, money etc.) to the FEELING that this desire will bring you. (The feeling puts you into the same vibration as your desire, not the vibration of lack). Connect to this FEELING as often and as long as you can.

Vision boards have the potential to be great manifestation tools, but for most people, we need to re-frame how we use them. Once we do… the world is our oyster!

Stay tuned next week for part 2, where I’ll share a tip about the Law of Attraction you probably didn’t realize that can help you put it to work for you.



Do your feelings guide you on your life path, or take you off course?

Actually, they do both!

The key is to learn to know and recognize the difference between real feelings and misleading feelings; between being guided on your life path, or taken off course.

Let’s start with being taken off course…

There is a lot of misleading information out there about using your feelings to guide you in making decisions. You often hear, “Well, how do you feel about that?” or “Let your feelings guide you.” This can be great advice OR it can be the worst advice… you must look beyond face value.

There are times when feelings are not a good guidance system; often they’re run by your ego.

Consider these common “feelings: ”I don’t feel like getting out of bed today. I don’t feel like attending that workshop I signed up for. I don’t feel like working today. I don’t feel like having a salad for dinner, but I DO feel like deep fried chicken and a big bucket of fries. I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I DO feel like laying on the couch instead.

These feelings are clearly sending poor messages… or are they?

Let’s dive deeper…

Consider the example of not wanting to get out of bed. You may be tired, but the truth is that you need to get your ass out of bed.


Maybe your truth is that it’s in your highest good to actually stay in bed and honour your body because you’re truly burnt-out and need some down-time.

Can you FEEL the difference?

It’s not always obvious. And sometimes the lines can get fuzzy and you may blur the lines with your thinking, feeling, rationalizing, justifying, and guilting… and then come down hard on yourself.

If the latter feeling is your truth and you get your ass out of bed, you’ve completely dismissed and ignored your feelings all together. You got out of bed because your guidance system was based on what others think; what you “should” be doing (ie. going to work despite being sick or run-down).

Overriding YOU and what is most important to you and your well-being, is a surefire way to keep you off course from living what’s in your highest good.

To learn to listen to your true, guided feelings takes work. It means learning to recognize and know what’s true for you; to be tuned into YOU.

It’s getting clarity so you can know exactly what to do in each and every moment.. to be guided to live your highest path.

When I was studying as an acupressure therapist, we had a saying, “your body is always talking to you, are you listening?”

So just how do you learn to listen and to know when your feelings are a good guidance, and when they are veering you off course?

My mom used to say, “I have a gut feeling.” Call it intuition, a little nudge, a knowing that’s coming from that deeper part of you that is guiding and supporting you. These feelings never steer you wrong.

Sometimes it’s obvious, but other times it’s not so clear. So you need to learn to tell the difference between your ego and your essence. As you practice, you can begin to sense if it’s a fleeting feeling (your ego) OR a knowing feeling (essence) from the quieter, deeper, guiding part of you.

Let me share an example with you. At the end of January, I had a strong feeling to pull my retreat out of my 3-month High Powered Living program. Why? I had no idea at the time. It didn’t make sense. Every intellectual thought I had told me to hold a retreat for my group. But the feeling I had was undeniable, so I knew I had to listen. (I’m sure my mom was looking down saying, “Way to use your gut, Janine”.)

Fast forward one month and the Covid-19 pandemic hit… and it all made sense.

Knowing the difference between your real feelings and misleading feelings guides you with greater ease through life.

And who doesn’t want a cheat sheet?



Follow your truth… wherever it takes you.

Janine Brolly

We are all familiar with the saying, ‘the fork in the road’. We know it symbolizes a decision point in our lives where an opportunity presents itself and we must choose which direction we will take.

Let me tell you about a different fork in the road. One I’ve experienced that I hope sheds some light on your decisions when you meet your fork in the road.

Growing up I felt like I did all the ‘right things’ – being the good girl, the people pleaser, doing what I was told – you know the drill and maybe you can relate. So I felt that I ‘should’ have been on the right path.

As an adult, busy mom and business owner I was ambitious, driven, continually learning, taking workshops and even leading workshops… BUT most days I was running around on autopilot, just going through the motions of daily life. I was doing the DO, but never slowing down long enough to dip below the threshold to see what’s really going on.

For the most part, it appeared I had a pretty good life but truth be told, I wasn’t totally fulfilled. I had patterns of burn-out, and was lacking that passion; that joie de vivre! I knew that there had to be more… I could feel it in my bones that something deep within me was calling.

And then it hit me. What was missing in my life was ME. I hadn’t made me a priority in my own life!

I needed to look inside; to ask myself what I wanted? What was most important to me?

I had hit the metaphorical fork in the road. And now that I was aware of it, I had to move forward… it’s a no-brainer decision, right? Or is it?

On one hand… (here is where the ego kicks in)… my life isn’t that bad, right? I mean, do I really want to go down this new road? Do I really need to change?

But on the other hand, I could sense a calling, a pull as if it was from my soul. I couldn’t ignore that, could I?

But wait? Does this mean I need to be willing to go deeper and meet myself? To embrace, honour and love the part of me that I wasn’t previously willing to even look at, let alone unconditionally accept?

Decision time – stay comfy, familiar, don’t rock the boat, comply with what people think of me
cross over the barrier, into the unknown… where deep down I KNEW with every cell of my being that my soul was calling me and where I would truly flourish.

It took a few tries, even waffling between being comfy and being courageous, but I finally listened. I chose me. I chose alignment and purpose. And it was the best decision of my life – right up there with having kids!

I share this with you because I want you to know that if you have reached your fork in the road, no matter how difficult it might seem, taking that leap is SOOO worth it.

My wish is for you to go for everything you’ve ever wanted. Far too many people make positive change only when the pain becomes too great… you don’t have to wait. You can choose YOU now!

And if you want some support as you bravely choose your new path let’s set up a time to talk.

I can’t promise you what lies ahead for you, but I can promise you that choosing to follow your truth always pays off. Always, ALL ways.



I’ve been in conversation with so many people lately who are really thriving… but when I ask them how they’re doing, they preface it by saying “Well, I feel guilty saying this given what’s happening around the world, but I’m actually doing really well.”

I’ve even caught myself saying this in one form or another. Like it’s not okay to feel good right now.

Being compassionate towards other people’s suffering is a wonderful trait, but suffering on their behalf does nothing to help. It just creates your own suffering.

And feeling bad doesn’t make a bad situation good. It just keeps the bad, bad. There is no amount of bad that helps any situation get better! And it doesn’t make us part of the solution.

The solution is to own it; to feel as good as you can! Because it’s from this ‘good’ place that you can be of service to others – whether that be donating to a worthwhile organization globally or locally, buying an elderly neighbor some groceries or checking in on a friend who might be struggling.

These actions help make us part of the solution.

So I’ve decided to be more aware and catch myself when feeling bad for feeling good.

Because being of service, supporting, and loving on each other is what we’re here to do! Being more awake is what is being called for right now.

So if I’m feeling good (or heaven forbid, even great) and someone asks me how I’m doing I’ll tell them, “I’m doing great, thank you.” And I hope you will too.

We could all use a little more ‘great’ in our lives right now and you feeling good gives other people permission to feel great, too.