Embody Your New Wealth Paradigm & Create The Life You Know You Are Destined For!

What is the New Wealth Paradigm?

You know you are meant for so much more from life, but things just don’t seem to be happening the way you imagined.

Yes, you might be kicking ass with a successful career, house, car… but at what cost? And are you truly fulfilled?

Existing in a constant state of overwhelm? Stuck in the untruths of old stories.

Always doing…never being…because you can’t be a vibrational match to your desires, if you’re busy being a vibrational match to your current reality.


This is your time to CONSCIOUSLY create your wealthiest life – money, business, relationships!

Being a Conscious Creator isn’t about working harder! It’s about accessing your higher faculties and answering your true calling!

It’s about learning to master your alignment and relationship with the Laws that govern our universe and become deserving of your wealthiest expression!

Are you ready to be a part of women rising everywhere?

Take the leap! Answer the call! And, show up in a new way!

“From the first time I saw Janine speak, I really connected with her…her style and her words and she continued to have a big impact on me. She is the reason I made a big decision in my business. I would NEVER have done it otherwise.

Thanks to Janine, she helped pull that out of me and step out of my comfort zone. Thank you Janine. People are watching…listening…and you’re making a great difference.”



Learn to fully embody your worth so the outer world will mirror this back to you.


Ditch the struggle and begin living in alignment with your wealthiest life so you can flourish in every area of life.


Let go of your money blocks so you can transform your lack consciousness stories to abundance consciousness stories.

Join us!

Now is a VERY powerful time, especially for women….we are seeing women rise everywhere!

You know it, you can feel it… you know you’re meant for SO much more!

It’s impossible to be fully fulfilled unless we are doing what we’re here to do!

Yet, far too many women have fallen prey to living according to circumstances, or what they’ve been told, or how we’ve been conditioned by others.

We have lost the belief in ourselves.


It’s time to shift from the old paradigm of limited thinking to the new paradigm of being connected, inspired, aligned and conscious of choices.

Now is YOUR time to CONSCIOUSLY create YOUR wealthiest life – money, business, relationships!

Master how to work in harmony with universal laws, and you will continually bring to fruition your most burning desires, with the least amount of effort.


” Success comes to those who become success conscious. ”
– Napoleon Hill

Embody Your New Wealth Paradigm by remembering your natural state of abundance, rising above your circumstances and thinking according to Truth!

With my proven signature system as your GPS, you can consciously create what you desire most!

* Build your “desire muscle” & stop living within limits.
* Get off autopilot and up-level your life via conscious choice.
* Steer clear of wealth roadblocks.
* Align with your natural state of abundance to make life easier.
* Attract wealth into your physical reality.
* Master the Universal Laws that govern the universe, so you can work in harmony with them.
* Intentionally be a vibrational match to your burning desires.
* Change your money beliefs and dramatically impact your earning potential.

Will you answer the call and attract more wealth and prosperity?


” Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. ”
– Wayne Dyer

Learn how to integrate these principles of the 7 Pillars into your life by working with the universal laws of abundance to manifest money, love, career and health.

Weekly Academy Training Sessions


Week 1: Activate Your Burning Desire

Discover and activate your divine purpose; what you are here to do, be and create in the world. Let this be your inner GPS throughout the Academy. With the Tree of Wealth worksheet & guided visioneering process, you will get crystal clear on what you desire most. Knowing this process, you can continually and consciously draw your desires to you.

Value: $850

Week 2: Own Your Worth

More life is always wanting to be expressed in and through us because we are here for expansion. To live our wealthiest life, we must first learn to own and embody our full worth so we can be fully expressed. This means letting to let go of old ‘unworthy’ patterns that wreak havoc in our lives… you are here to remember the Truth of who you are… You are worthy of it all!

Value: $550

Week 3&4: Discover The 10 Wealth Energy Archetypes

Explore the 10 Wealth Energy Archetypes and discover the ways you uniquely block your wealth. Once identifying this, you can turn it around by reclaiming your wealth building archetype, shifting your energy so you become greater than your current circumstances. You’ll create your 3-step action plan you can implement right away… Congrats, your path to wealth is already becoming clear!

Value: $975


Week 5: Align with Your Innate Wealth

Using the Alignment Cheat Sheet, you will learn to align with your natural state of abundance so you can bring your burning desire to fruition with greatest ease. You will also be guided through a fun alignment exercise to assess your personal alignment level. Knowing this will help you release resistance and accelerate your ability to attract wealth into your physical reality.

Value: $700

Week 6: Wealth Integration & Implementation #1

Together we review and deepen our learnings to ensure they are being fully integrated into our nervous system and implemented into our lives. This powerful interactive session may include hot seats, Q & A and open discussion.

Week 7&8: Create Your Vibrational Wealth Goals

The vibrational piece is often the missing piece in most people’s goal-setting or manifestation practice. As vibrational beings, we are in a constant state of sending out vibrations but typically pay little attention to this! How do you know what vibrations you are sending out? Your results! To change your results and consciously create what you want in your life, you must learn to become a vibrational match to your desires! If you can think, feel & believe it, you can achieve it!

Value: $975


Week 9: Harness the 7 Universal Laws

Are you working against the universal laws and don’t even know it? Most people are, which is why they often feel stuck, keep getting the same results, or have to resort to using a lot of effort in an attempt to get ahead. Using the Universal Law Guide, we will learn to think according to our Truth and be in harmony with the 7 Laws that govern the universe. Master these, and you will continually bring to fruition what you desire, with the least amount of effort. Life’s cheat sheet to life!

Value: $650

Week 10: Wealth Integration & Implementation #2

Together we review and deepen our learnings to ensure they are being fully integrated into our nervous system and implemented into our lives. This powerful interactive session may include hot seats, Q & A and open discussion.

Week 11: The Practice – Wealth Creation Embodiment

This is where the rubber meets the road!! Manifestation happens through 3 of our energy bodies so together we will take our burning desire and put these powerful wealth embodiment activities into action. These include: free flow movement/dance, gratitude bathing, visualization, positive listing, meditation… and more! You are now living as your future self. Can you say transformation???

Value: $850

Week 12: Celebrate Your New Wealth Paradigm!

You’ve cleared the blocks, owned your worth, learned to be greater than your circumstances and live according to Truth… you’re now living on the path of least resistance. These are the keys to living intentionally so you can continue to consciously create your life and experience true fulfillment! It’s time to celebrate… You are embodying the powerful conscious creator you’ve always been!! Congratulations!!


Value: Priceless

Private Facebook Community & Accountability

Exclusive Facebook group community for you & your Wealth Creation Peers. It’s designed to support and protect your space as you integrate the teachings (from nay-sayers and those who are not on the same path). You will share our wins, growth opportunities & receive accountability & support whenever you need it most!


Access to Training Library (weekly recordings)

Resource Kit (Guides & Worksheets)

* Energy of Wealth Attunement
* The Tree of Wealth
* 10 Wealth Energy Archetypes
* Alignment Cheat Sheet & Your Personal Alignment Assessment
* The 7 Universal Laws
* Universal Law Guide
* Vibrational Goal Implementation Sheet
* The Practice: 3 Embodiment Exercises

90-minute Bonus Check-in & Training Session (one month post program)

Themed Gift Trio!

To support your conscious wealth creators journey, you will receive three monthly themed gifts at your doorstep!

Reprogram Your Subconscious Implementation Call!

Early sign-ups will receive this laser-focussed call designed to accelerate the powerful manifestation process.

This is where the rubber meets the road, my friend!

Only a few days after the workshop I’ve had a surprise $400+ order from an old customer, a ”cold call” from a woman interested in MY business, and I just got $181 rebate cheque in the mail. I am so excited to continue to implement what I learned to clearly define my goals and be powerful and successful in my business and my personal life.”





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Janine Brolly, International Speaker, Author, and Wealth Embodiment Coach, works with women to help them awaken to their highest expression by showing up in a new way, embodying a new paradigm, and activating what they desire most.

Harnessing the Universal Laws, 20+ years of tools, and her own intuition Janine is on a mission to support women to rise above society’s standards and their current circumstances, to live their wealthiest life possible in all areas of business, love, and money.

Janine grew her business to seven-figures and now guides women on their path to true wealth through her two programs – Conscious Wealth Creators Academy and High Powered Living.

As a Health Professional, Acupressure Therapist, and Energy Practitioner, Janine believes that it’s long overdue for women to reclaim their energy and personal power, so that they can live their divine purpose.

” The best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”
– Wallace D. Wattles

“I want to thank you, really thank you for being your authentic and beautiful self. Your ability to inspire people by simply being you and offering your knowledge and insight. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be on the call yesterday. I have to share that my morning pages were very clear, direct, and took a whole other creative direction this morning. Thank you for being brave, and reminding us of our innate power. Even, as powerful and strong women on the path, it is so great to have a touch base with like-minded women taking the consciousness of the planet to the next level. You attract greatness. Keep on shining. I am truly grateful that I manifested you straight into my sphere. “


You’re Ready to Show Up as the Powerful Conscious Wealth Creator You Are!

This academy offering is also available as a custom, private option. Please email Janine to apply.