Come & discover the new paradigm of living a truly abundant life – in business, love & money! Anyone can learn this – including you!

Activate What You Are Here to Do, Be and Create in the World

Align with Your Natural State of Abundance

Harness the Universal Laws of Wealth

You’re Ready to Show Up as the Powerful Conscious Wealth Creator You Are! 

You are in the right place if you KNOW you are meant for more and…

  • *You FEEL inspired to create greater wealth – in business, love and/or money.
  • *You KNOW you have immense power to be the conscious creator of your reality; to bring into being what you desire most… but your results have not been ideal or consistent.
  • *You KNOW that being a conscious creator isn’t about working harder.
  • *You KNOW that your results are not by chance, but from deliberate, specific and replicable actions… and that mastering these actions will yield the results you want.
  • *Your DESIRE is to master your alignment and relationship with the Universal Laws that govern our universe.

“Thanks Janine, for the amazing Conscious Wealth Creators workshop! I’m still thinking about some of the learnings and insights. You have a wonderful way of distilling high-level ideas into practical, actionable strategies that can move the dial on how we show up in the world. Whether it’s creating wealth or learning where one’s blocks and blind spots are, this training is a great way to get to the next level!”

During this 6-hour Conscious Wealth Creators Workshop, we’ll cover 5 key wealth creation topics: 

Activate Your Burning Desire

Discover and activate what you are here to do, be and create in the world. With the Tree of Wealth worksheet & guided visioneering process, you will get crystal clear on what you desire most. You’ll leave with your internal and external action steps to take, so that you can consciously draw your desires to you.

Tool: The Tree of Wealth
Value: $525

Discover Your Top 3 Wealth Energy Archetypes

Identify your top 3 wealth energy archetypes and how you uniquely block your wealth. Turn this around by reclaiming your wealth building archetype and creating your top 3 actions you can implement right away… Congrats, your path to wealth is already becoming clear!

Tool: The 10 Wealth Energy Archetypes
Value: $500

Align With Your Inner Wealth

Using the Alignment Cheat Sheet, you will learn to align with your natural state of abundance so you can bring your burning desire to fruition with greatest ease. You will also be guided through a fun alignment exercise to assess your personal alignment level. Knowing this will help you attract wealth into your physical reality.

Tool: Alignment Cheat Sheet & Alignment Assessment
Value: $475

Master the Universal Law of Vibration

Are you aware when you are in harmony with the Law of Vibration or when you are violating it? Most people aren’t and it’s why they may feel stuck or feel like they have to resort to using a lot of effort in an attempt to get ahead. Mastering this powerful law means consciously minding and calibrating your vibration so you can bring to fruition what you desire most, with the greatest ease possible. Knowing this is like having a cheat sheet to life!

Tool: Universal Law of Vibration Mini Guide
Value: $425

Create Vibrational Wealth Goals

The vibrational piece is the missing piece in most people’s goal setting or manifestation practice. And yet, the reality is we are continually sending out a vibration, the question is… what vibration are we sending out? (the answer is in our results!) Learn how to intentionally be a vibrational match to your burning desire so you can continually and consciously create what you desire most!

Tool: Vibrational Goal Worksheet
Value: $575

Bonus #1

A Private Facebook group for:

  • * Community
  • * Accountability
  • * Support & Inspiration

Value: $375

Bonus #2

Conscious Wealth Creators Workbook.


  • * The Tree of Wealth
  • * 10 Energy Wealth Archetypes
  • * Alignment Cheat Sheet & Your Personal Alignment Assessment
  • * Universal Law of Vibration Mini Guide
  • * Vibrational Goal Implementation Sheet

Value: $650

“I want to thank you, really thank you for being your authentic and beautiful self. Your ability to inspire people by simply being you and offering your knowledge and insight. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be on the call yesterday. I have to share that my morning pages were very clear, direct, and took a whole other creative direction this morning. Thank you for being brave, and reminding us of our innate power. Even, as powerful and strong women on the path, it is so great to have a touch base with like-minded women taking the consciousness of the planet to the next level. You attract greatness. Keep on shining. I am truly grateful that I manifested you straight into my sphere. “


Earlybird $97 (Until Oct. 13th)

October 23rd from 10 am – 4 pm PST

Success Story from Sarah Lovely

  • *Uncover why so many amazing women, just like you, aren’t making the money, thriving in their business or feel as loved as they yearn for or deserve.

  • *Learn how to finally ditch the struggle, stories and beliefs that hold you back once and for all.

  • *Discover the new thought paradigm that will guide you towards living the life you are destined for.

I used these very tools in my own life to…

  • *Achieve 7 figures in my business,
  • *Buy my dream home,
  • *Align with my purpose, and
  • *Gain a deep sense of freedom & fulfillment

If you WISH you knew the path to great impact and wealth, then I invite you to join us for the Conscious Wealth Creators 1-Day Workshop. Finally Step into your Full Power, and UsE it to Bring to Fruition what You Desire Most.


Janine Brolly, International Speaker, Author, and Wealth Embodiment Coach, works with women to help them awaken to their highest expression by showing up in a new way, embodying a new paradigm, and activating what they desire most.

Harnessing the Universal Laws, 20+ years of tools, and her own intuition Janine is on a mission to support women to rise above society’s standards and their current circumstances, to live their wealthiest life possible in all areas of business, love, and money.

Janine grew her business to seven-figures and now guides women on their path to true wealth through her Conscious Wealth Creators Academy offerings: 6 Week Course, 6 Month Embodiment Practice and High Powered Living.

As a Health Professional, Acupressure Therapist, and Energy Practitioner, Janine believes that it’s long overdue for women to reclaim their energy and personal power, so that they can live their divine purpose.


“I loved your Conscious Wealth Creators workshop and thought you would find it interesting and fun to know that within a few days I received an unexpected cheque in the mail for $175, and then found a Government cheque when tidying my papers that I hadn’t deposited. Just shy of $350 with zero work involved! Who wouldn’t like that? High vibration, yahoo!”