Creating a Prosperous Mindset for 2016

Jan 1, 2016Empowerment0 comments

Do you feel you live a wealthy life? Is your life rich in experiences? Do you connect with your natural state of abundance easily?


By expanding and cultivating a more prosperous and wealth-conscious mindset, you’ll become aware of how you’re really showing up and claiming your worth in your life.

Let’s investigate your relationship to wealth, define what it really means to you, and become aware of how you are really showing up.

As for your financial wealth, how do you relate to money? What is your money mindset? Is it time to re-program your mind to a new money mindset frequency?

I invite you to shift into a new paradigm that serves you and those around you. Start by applying the following principles that will help you manifest and create change now! We are already worthy and good enough. Being deserving is our birthright.

We talked about how natural it is to desire MORE, because our human expression is expansion. However, accepting where we are now is an integral part of the process. We get so caught up about where we should be or what we don’t have… Sound familiar? This will only drain your energy and disempower you to take inspired action towards your desires!

The key is to remember that it always starts with you. You must first claim your worth, and the universe will respond.

My challenge for you as you answer my questions above with honesty and conviction is to make your decision about your commitment level to change and creating more abundance in your life.


Here’s the best takeaway:
12 short & sweet wisdom nuggets for a winning mindset:

12. Dream as big as your mind will allow… then dream a little more

11. Never settle… ever! It’s a dis-service to yourself and to all those around you

10. Become acutely conscious of your thoughts, adjust accordingly

9. It’s your responsibility to turn the volume up and be as bright as you can be!

8. Recognize your comfort bubble, then stretch that bubble out as far as you can. Then step out of it

7. Have courageous conversations

6. Start now! You are already good enough

5. Step into the ‘unapologetically you’ zone and show up as the best possible you

4. Realize in every moment of every day, you are a role model

3. Find time to be still. The answers always come in the quiet moments

2. Always, always be grateful. For everything…

1. Love yourself unconditionally, then pour that onto others…


Lastly, surround yourself with people who empower and mirror your best possible vision for yourself. People who bring you joy and inspire you.

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