During my last FB Live I shared a Top Manifesting Myth that gets in the way of most women attracting what they want in Wealth, Love & Purpose. Watch it now or check out the nuggets below.

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This week I dive into another top manifesting myth – your focus. It may not be what you think.

How are you focusing?…

You’re doing all the things – visualizations, affirmations, vision boards – but what is your focus?

Absence versus presence…

Are you reinforcing absence by unconsciously telling yourself you don’t have what you want?

Recognize the presence, not the absence of what you seek.

On refocusing on something you don’t have…

Practice the presence of what you want by the way you think, feel and act

On awareness…

We must first become aware of what we are focusing on, so that we can shift our point of attraction.

On your next steps…

Remember: To manifest anything, you must be as happy with its vibrational reality as it being here in physical form.


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