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There’s never been a better time for women to get real, claim your worth and show up.

Janine is a Speaker with game-changing topics.

 Janine Brolly Offerings

Empowering women to know their value

and claim their worth.

My work is to facilitate and support women to see themselves in a new light, to guide them in making long lasting, positive changes to live a purpose-driven life. Through my offerings of masterclasses, workshops, masterminds and speaking events, together we go after your dreams, to shine and realize your full potential, power and worth.

If you’re a woman who wants to feel more connected to your power and fulfilled in your daily life, and you’re ready to take inspired and imperfect action, you’re in the right place. Thank you for joining me.

MASTERCLASS. The Worthy Woman.

The Worthy Woman is a thought-provoking, soul-poking free online Masterclass designed to awaken your dormant dreams & pique your awareness to claiming your worth.  Janine speaks to empower you to live with greater expression and fulfillment. Let’s do this! Join in for this transformational session where you will:

Learn how you may be giving away your energy and power

Discover if you are “in your power”

Tap into what is really calling you

Discover how to make the SHIFT and CLAIM your full worth.

WORKSHOP. Claim Your Worth, Catapult Your Life! 

Are you a woman living a vibrant, worthy and full life?

Join us for a lively, inspiring, interactive online soul session for women ready to #SHOWUPMORE and claim their worth!

Become aware of the unconscious yet common ways you give away your energy and personal power as a woman. Learn why you may have all the outer signs of success but are still feeling exhausted. CLAIM YOUR WORTH, CATAPULT YOUR LIFE is the live workshop where we spend a concentrated three hours together so you can create your own unique plan to acheive greater self-expression and show up more in your life.

This is so much better than going it alone! Let’s have FUN and create more impact along the way, as we come together.

WOMEN’S MASTERMIND. Your purpose-driven 6-week program. 

Are you a woman who yearns for greater purpose, fulfillment and freedom in your life?

Do you have an itch for more but not sure how to go about it? Do you have a goal, dream or desire that you would love to come to fruition?

If so, this Mastermind is for you! This is a highly focused, purpose-driven program for women who want to be, do or have more and want support in creating it. Having a like-minded group of women is so much more effective than going it alone! Let’s have FUN and create more impact along the way, as we come together.

Thoughts from women who have heard me speak…

Engaging, funny, inspiring, authentic, a change-maker, compassionate, heart-centred.

“Every once in awhile, I meet someone and I think ‘wow-this person has that certain something… the kind of something that inspires people, engages people, lights them up…but can also hold a hand while someone is struggling and be with them with compassion.’ That would be Janine and I’m honoured to call her a colleague and friend.”

– Karen Goodfellow

“When I think of the words dynamic, compassionate, integrity, passion, fun, astute, business savvy, and on-task, I think of Janine. We have been business colleagues for 5 years and I admire Janine in her abundance and success that she had attained in her life, both personally and professionally, and most importantly in the authenticity with which she has achieved it. Janine is a seasoned speaker and presenter and her ease of presence and sense of humour engages any audience. Her team leadership skills are extremely strong. I truly value Janine’s friendship and professional collaboration.”

– Joanne Mulhall

“I have heard Janine speak several times, and I always come away feeling inspired. She may be speaking to a crowd, but her presence, authenticity and warmth makes me feel she is connected with each of us individually. She is confident, very knowledgeable, and her delivery is heartfelt.”

– Christie McPhee

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