Happy New Yearnings!

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So here we are, almost one month past that time of year we either love (the buzz of a new year, the excitement of making new resolutions, a time for renewal) or not love so much (resolutions don’t work, they make me feel like a failure, I spent too much and ate too much over the holidays… blech!)

So which one are you? Are you the type that loves to set new goals, create vision boards and set intentions? Or are you underwhelmed by the monotony of New Year’s rituals, believing this will hopefully all go by the wayside in fairly short order?

Do I make vision boards? You bet. Am I a goal setter? I sure am! Do I set intentions? Do I actively manifest? Yes, yes, and yes! It’s astounding how much of intentionality comes to fruition!

But you know, just because the numbers change on the calendar and January 1st shows up bright as a penny… it doesn’t mean this is the only time of the year we can give time to setting intentions.

I think this is about our own inner game, setting goals and intentions when we feel the pull or calling. If we truly are connected, don’t we want to be constantly course correcting as part of our evolution? Having said that… the energy around the dawning of a new year can be used as an extra boost to really kick things up a notch by putting on our manifesting boots!

I don’t know about you but I love ritual. Every year on Boxing Day, I carve out some “me” time. I sit quietly and allow myself to feel my life’s direction as the vision reveals itself. To me there’s power in honouring time-tested traditions. It helps me refresh my commitment to my Self and gives me a chance to re-examine my trajectory and see where I may need to do some course correcting.

Each year I have experienced a deepening of my goals and intentions. I actually have a felt sense of their substance. They are becoming much more precise and aligned with who I really am. I have come a long way from the person who would simply sit and “think” about what I wanted to accomplish vs. listening to and hearing from that part deep within me. My yearning. What my soul longs for.

So what about you? How do you create your goals – does it feel more natural to use your thinking mind or do you take time to connect a little deeper… and sense what you yearn for? Ask yourself – Do I tap into what my essence wants to express? Can I feel what my soul longs for? Am I tuned into my deepest, central core? When you can set your goals and intentions from this place…. Look out!

Does this idea feel new or even foreign to you? Or perhaps you realize that you can really benefit from exploring this further? If so, I suggest taking time to practice this so you’re creating from the purest place. Simply sit quietly and see if you can tap into a place deep within you that wants to be expressed. See if you can sense a pull, a voice, a message, a sensation. It will most likely be subtle. Just see what comes up for you. No need to judge. Be patient. If you come up blank, that’s ok too as it might take time. And don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Ask. Listen. Feel. Then go a little deeper. Get out of your head. Again, the key is to feel. Do you get a sense of what you yearn for? It’s there… we all have it. Some of us may find it easier, others may simply have to practice.

One last thing… if this feels ‘fluffy’ or ‘hard’ to you, I can relate as I lived in my head for the majority of my adult life. The above exercise is actually a very simple (and profound) process. Unfortunately, most of us have lost the ability to really ‘feel’. We came into world with the ability to think and feel however over the years, most of us have learned to numb out, leaving us with less ability to use our ‘feelings’ as a measure to guide us, sort of like our own internal GPS.. Be patient and open. Trust the process… it’s there and it will come in time!

The rewards of creating your resolutions or anything from this pure and potent place will prove to be very rich and rewarding.

Happy New Year! Happy New Yearnings!

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