How to live a life of your Greatest Vision.

Feb 20, 2016Empowerment, Inspiration1 comment

Would you agree that having a crystal clear vision of what you want your life to look like is essential to making that vision a reality?


I would even say it like this — you have to ‘name it’ to ‘claim it’!

When I first got clear on this vision, I felt an undeniable internal shift as if the power switch was turned on, and this is what I declared:

“Claim my worth personally and financially!”

Looking back now, that was my defining moment. This I now know for sure: “A woman who embodies her worth sets herself free. Living free, full, and worthy is a real choice”
Those were the words to inspire the design and messaging of my site and platform:
I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the past 20 years and realize how much we all settle. It’s time to make a shift and start living with greater freedom, abundance and fulfillment.
We often undervalue our needs, desires, and wants — often putting our dreams on hold, or worse yet, letting them die.What if this time we didn’t settle? What if this time, we rise to claim our worth?
So how can we shift this ‘misalignment’ and start to feel fully self-validated and individuated as to support us in our relationships and life’s work? This time, make a commitment – because you’re worth it! And be open to more possibilities unfolding for you, even greater than you may have imagined!
So how can we shift this ‘misalignment’ and start to feel fully self-validated and individuated as to support us in our relationships and life’s work?
I’m known for mentoring women and empowering them with relatable and powerful ideas on how to claim their worth, and I’d like to challenge you to go deeper with me…Because I see this as a significant time and a vital MOVEMENT for women, as we’re all co-creating and empowering greater possibilities for ourselves and the planet, I;d like to leave you with the following takeaway!


 Here are my top wisdom bites which are essential to creating your crystal clear vision.

Here’s to you showing up fully and designing a life in alignment with your own highest vision. I know you got it in you to create your own transformational, my final reminder is this – magic happens when you turn these concepts from words into your daily practice.
1. Become very aware of how you show up (Read my blog: Power switch! Shift your identity from small “self” to your true “Self”)
2. Challenge your beliefs, while practicing radical self-acceptance. Remember start where you are and lift yourself up. It’s easier to commit to yourself, when you’re being kind to yourself!
3. Speak your truth — NO MATTER WHAT! Watch your language when you sell yourself short.
4. Stay in your container! (We all have our personal energetic container.) Create healthy boundaries and discernment about who and what you give your energy to including people, habits and even telling ourselves stories where we often find ourselves in a “victim” role.
5. Practice presence and mindfulness. (Meditation and yoga practice as well as time outdoors. Ask yourself, “What fills you up and recharges you?
6. Practice random self-acceptance and self-love. But first, get still, look within and connect to your truth. Ask yourself the following and be patient with your answers:
How does all this relate to me? What is your personal theme?
By looking at your closest relationships — both personal and professionally — you can identify your re-occurring theme.Do you often get left out? Do you feel unheard or unsupported?
Lastly, surround yourself with a community of like-minded women who are already living a more fulfilling, abundant and purpose-driven life. If you reach out to them, the will most likely share their own wisdom nuggets with you, as well as their friendship.

This has been my work and the journey inside has been a rich and rewarding one. If you resonate with this perspective, and you are at a creating towards your highest vision, I invite you to join our tribe of “Worthy and Wealthy Women!” who just like you committed to living with greater freedom, abundance and fulfillment anywhere in the world. And we all rise, together.
Visit “Worthy and Wealthy Women’s Mastermind” for more inspiration and mentorship.Discover the ways I can support you in living free, full, and worthy. For more about this movement, please visit


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  1. Morgan Gist MacDonald

    I love this, Janine! I’ve just recently started stepping into my worth, but it can be hard to stay in that place. These practical strategies are fantastic. I’ll start putting them to use, right away. Thanks!


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