When it comes to dealing with unwanted emotions…it’s safe to say that most of us don’t process our feelings very well.

So, this week’s VLOG is about how to fully honour and process your emotions, and let them go, so they don’t get stuck and lodged in your emotional body.

As we expand and begin to recognize our wholeness and abundance, at some point we will bump up against our ‘stuff’, which in turn will bring up all sorts of ‘unwanted’ feelings.

And, since emotion is energy in motion…those feelings you don’t process and let go of, will end up taking you out!

So, what do you do when feelings of grief, sadness, shock, anger, sorrow, guilt, or shame start to ruminate inside?

Most of us do one of two things…

  • Indulge in the story and give it energy by feeding it and keeping it alive, or…
  • Repress and ignore it, which keeps it alive and gives it energy.

Both of these patterns feed the emotion and affirm it in our energy body.

To return to your wholeness and live your most expanded self, you want to…

…fully feel the feelings, with NO story, NO label, NO judgment. JUST THE FEELING. This is where the ego dies.

You must separate the story from the event, so you don’t become the mind/body connection to the event.

Honour ALL of yourself, even the unwanted emotions. This is the path to becoming a powerful, conscious creator!

Watch this week’s VLOG to find out how you can feel it to heal it. Then reply to this email and let me know what you think.



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