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I’m Janine Brolly and my passion is for you to #SHOWUPMORE as a Leader, Influencer, Game-Changer – the Whole Woman that you are.  Know Your Value and Claim Your Worth.  I’ve created four focal offerings to access and accelerate all that is possible and available for your life:

1) The Worthy Woman MASTERCLASS

2) Claim Your Worth, Catapult Your Life WORKSHOP

3) Worthy & Wealthy Women’s MASTERMIND Series

4) Seasonal Nutritional Cleanse Challenges – SUMMER 2019 

Through these offerings and my live speaking events, you will see yourself in a new light. You’ll be guided to make long-lasting, positive changes to operate at your highest potential and ultimate impact.

So, are you ready to show up more and claim YOUR worth? Join our growing community today.

Offerings and Events

CLAIM YOUR WORTH, CATAPULT YOUR LIFE! Small Group Workshop for Women Ready to Show Up More. Check our Offerings Page for More!

Claim your Worth!

It’s your birthright.

Week #1 | It’s An Epidemic!

Week #2 | What’s Your Price Tag?

Week #3 | Searching?  It’s An Inside Job.

Week #4 | Still Doing Doing Doing?  Exhausted Yet?

Week #5 | Time to Show Up More!

Week #6 | It’s Your Birthright!


We Are So Different, Yet So Much The Same

We Are So Different, Yet So Much The Same

Imagine my excitement to be invited to speak at the Awakened Women’s Conference in Bali, this past November!  What an honor. This was a golden opportunity for me to present my workshop for helping burnt-out women entrepreneurs reclaim their energy and power.  And to...

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How to live a life of your Greatest Vision.

How to live a life of your Greatest Vision.

Would you agree that having a crystal clear vision of what you want your life to look like is essential to making that vision a reality?   I would even say it like this — you have to ‘name it’ to ‘claim it’! When I first got clear on this vision, I felt an...

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Know your value.

Claim your Worth!

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