Power switch! Shift your identity from small “self” to your true “Self”

Feb 19, 2016Empowerment, Worth

I spent a good portion of my life trying to prove my worth. I worked hard for everything, and yes, I got ahead and had success, but it was unnecessarily hard work that eventually led to burnout.


It wasn’t until I recognized that I had been trying to prove my worthiness and look for validation outside myself when it was within me all along, that life became easier.

Today I have a different approach to life. By realizing my value and my worth, I’ve created a truly wealthy lifestyle, one where I’ve achieved the time freedom to be with my daughters, and the financial freedom to pursue my passions of philanthropy and empowering women to live wealthy lives.

If there is one piece of wisdom I could gift to my younger self in order to empower and avoid the struggles and suffering it would be this: “Honey stop proving your worth and start claiming your worth!”

With life experience comes the wisdom and knowing that there is a big difference between your “self” with a small “s” and “Self” with a capitol “S”.

Your (higher) “Self” is your true self — the infinite, indestructible being.

Your (personality) “self” is the one you identify, mostly ruled by the ego.

Now, I don’t mean to get all spiritual and abstract here… However, knowing who you truly are will impact every aspect of your life, especially the quality of your life, and not to mention have an immediate impact on how you view and choose to live your precious life.

I’ve said this before and I will repeat in this blog because this is vital:

You are born worthy and deserving — all you have to do is identify with your ‘True Self’ and know that you’re here to claim your worth!


Let’s workshop this out right here and now.

Get honest about what you REALLY want, what may be holding you back, and design a plan of action that fits you and your life.

When you don’t claim your true worth, value, or potential, you stay stuck in survival mode.

On top of that, when all your energy is going out, there isn’t a whole lot left for yourself. When your cup is empty, there is nothing left to share with the ones you love.

People talk about physical pain, but they don’t talk about financial pain. And a huge portion of the population is in financial pain. It’s an unnecessary suffering.


So how are you showing up?

Be honest with yourself — is this directly related to how you are being compensated, and even the amount of money you’re taking home at the end of the month?

t’s not the extra $500 or $5000 a month that is the solution; it’s the happiness, freedom, and joy that you crave.

It is the FEELING that wealthy living provides. Money is simply a vehicle to create the life we desire.

So, I’ll ask you, are you living a wealthy life, rich in experiences and finances? Are you living the life you really want to be living? Or are you trading time for money and feeling like you’re not getting ahead?

Yet, so often, we as women, sell ourselves short. We don’t feel worthy of a wealthy life. It’s a common theme, especially with moms. We are incredible nurturers, natural caregivers and are so gifted at taking care of other peoples’ needs that we put ourselves at the end of the breadline.

If any of this rings a bell for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out or contact me. I invite you to look into the “Empower” section of my site and see what else resonates with you!

It is part of my life’s mission to guide other women in creating a wealthy life, as they define it, for themselves. We often undervalue our needs, desires, and wants — often putting our dreams on hold, or worse yet, letting them die. I know you have it in you to make it happen and please know you don;t have to do on you own.

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