​There seems to be so much talk about ‘finding’ or ‘discovering’ our purpose.

But the reality is we do not go looking ‘out there’ to find or discover it. Our purpose is already within us. So we must learn to connect to ourselves to get reacquainted with it.

As a whole, society has become so far removed and disconnected from ourselves it’s no wonder we feel like we have lost our purpose and need to go find it.

So let’s peel this topic down to the core…

We have a primary purpose and a secondary purpose.

Our primary purpose is to awaken.

Awaken to what, you ask? Awaken to the Truth of who we are – that we are whole, complete, pure love, unlimited, an extension of Source/ Creator/ God/ Universal Intelligence.

We are so much more than our physical bodies. (That narrow perception is what most of society focuses on.) But this is limited thinking AND it’s the reason we have such a tough time knowing our purpose!

Our secondary purpose is our outer expression (what we are ‘doing’ in the world such as teacher, entrepreneur, artist etc). And it is expressed using your primary purpose.

This secondary/outer purpose is what most people are ‘looking’ for. We ask ourselves, ‘What am I meant to do?’ The way to unveil this outer purpose is through our inner purpose.

It is only through recognizing our true essence, that our outer purpose will begin to show itself. It all falls into place once we are connected within ourselves.

I recall a little story that always stuck with me. Several years ago while out with my youngest daughter, Alicia, she pointed out the local crosswalk lady and said, “She is the best crosswalk lady! She always asks you how your day is going, then cheers you on to have the best day ever!” (You can imagine the smile that came over my face!)

You see, it’s not so much about WHAT you’re doing, but more about WHO you are being while doing it!

Here are two truths for you. And I want you to read this with an open mind….

Truth #1: You already know what your purpose is AND you already know how to get it.

How can this be? Because it is innate within us.

But our disconnection to our truth gives us the illusion that we don’t know our purpose, and that we need to go ‘out there’ to ‘find’ it.

I know…. It’s a bit of a mind fu*#.

Truth #2: When your purpose (desire/yearning) is shown to you, it means that within you, you also have the ability to fulfill it.

Stop. Pause. Let that one soak in!

Sadly, most people do not fully commit.

For several years, I sensed that I was supposed to be doing something different than I was. I was fairly happy, worked with amazing people, made great money BUT I didn’t feel fulfilled. I had a yearning for more, but I resisted. I would move in the new direction, but then have thoughts like ‘What will people think?’ or ‘Who am I to do this?’. I wasn’t fully connected to me, and I let my fears keep me small so I settled, hid my gifts and talents, and undervalued myself.

Once I began to awaken to my truth, my outer purpose was revealed. And as I began to take action and show up more for me, I gained full clarity AND the path to fulfill it. Today I feel so alive doing exactly what lights me up… helping others stop holding back and live their purpose!

Isn’t it crazy how we let our fears and false thinking stop us from being who we really are?
Isn’t it crazy how our tolerations take the front seat of our lives over our desires?
Isn’t it crazy how this prevents us from stepping into our full expression?
Isn’t it time we change this???

Now ask yourself…

What is one untruth you tell yourself that keeps you safe and small? (Answer with compassion for yourself!)

What is a new truth you can tell yourself right away, so you can connect to YOU and your purpose within you?



​Do you love the idea of the Law of Attraction, but haven’t been able to get it to work for you? Or maybe it’s been hit and miss? The real explanation is probably not what you think.

Here’s the truth: The Law of Attraction has been oversimplified and bastardized. If you are familiar with the movie The Secret, it was great from the perspective that it helped humanity become more awake to our abilities to consciously create. On the flip side, the consensus was that the law was so oversimplified and left people feeling misled and bewildered.

So let’s set things straight…

If you’ve been following me lately, you’ll have noticed that I’ve spent a lot of time lately diving into the ways we give away our energy and personal power. It’s the first thing I share with my High Powered Living group, and that’s for a very good reason.

When you want to create a better life (more love, better finances, more fulfilling career etc), you MUST first, “clean up how you show up”.

Why? Because chances are you have limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are running the show. And they hold you back from being the powerful creator that you are!

The tricky part is that you usually aren’t even aware you are doing this… until you are!

I recall years ago when I was stuck at the same income level. I knew I needed to do things differently if I wanted different results. I thought I was doing everything right to attract what I wanted, but then realized I had a blind spot. So I started to become more and more aware of my thoughts and beliefs. I soon discovered that I actually had resistance to growing! Yikes. I believed “If I grow my income, I will have even more responsibilities and work and I will burn out.” It didn’t matter what intentions I set, this belief always won!

In other words, your blocks will always trump your desires! Eeeek, not good!

Once I worked on letting go of my limiting belief and increased the focus on my desire, I ended up quadrupling my income! (Side note: In the process, I created a new belief, “More income means more freedom, more experiences, ability to hire help, serve more people and give back.”)

So to make this Law work for you, you MUST first make the unconscious, conscious so that you can stop arguing for your limitations and become the powerful creator you are.

At a superficial level, can you see why so many people might say the Law of Attraction doesn’t work? Truth is, it is ALWAYS WORKING!! It’s LAW! No different than Newton’s Law of Gravity.

It works but we need to work it! And we must become aware of the energy that we are putting out into the world. Most of us do not live with this kind of awareness.

So let’s recap. To become the powerful conscious creator that you are, you must:

1) Clean up how you show up: Become aware of and overcome your blocks by reclaiming your energy and personal power. (Remember the Human Do-er, The External Validator, The Unexpressed, and the other ways we give away our energy?)

2) Make the unconscious conscious: Look at your results! These are a reflection; manifestations of your thoughts and beliefs. They will tell you how to adjust.

3) Live every day with greater awareness: Make this your new way of BE-ing. The more conscious you are = the greater ability to be a conscious creator.

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Les Brown.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working and you are always attracting! What is it that you are currently attracting? And what is it you REALLY want to attract?



Do you create vision boards? You’re not alone. Many people use this tool as a way to manifest what they want in their lives. It seems like such a great idea, right? A tool to help visualize the things we want in life.

Maybe we took a workshop, diligently built out our ideal life with photos cut out of magazines or printed off the internet. Then we hung it on our walls and looked at it every day. We stare at it and think about that car we want to drive or that house we want to live in.

Then we start to get disappointed (or frustrated) that the vision board isn’t helping us to get those things we want. It’s not working. Grrrr!!

We might ask a teacher or coach about this, and they might give us advice like, “You just need to try harder” or “You’re not focusing enough”. Ugh, really?

So, just what is the problem? Here are the two biggies that most people miss.

1. Believability of Our Vision:  When we create beautiful vision boards of the life we want, we typically add a lot of photos of a lifestyle that is probably really far off from what we currently live. It might be a big house, a slim body, an expensive car, vacations to exotic places. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things (in fact, wanting or desiring when from your essence is part of the human condition AND how we grow), but it’s often such a big leap that our minds don’t feel it’s believable. And if it’s not believable, we have created an unconscious block from bringing it to fruition.

Am I saying never go for the big hairy audacious goals? Absolutely not! In fact, I am a fan of them. Stretch yourself, but be sure they feel believable to you!

2. Thoughts Behind the Vision: If you understand the basics of manifestation, you know that thoughts become things. So what thoughts are we actually saying (aloud or in our head)? Probably, “I really want this car, that I DON’T HAVE” or “I want to live in this house, that I DON’T HAVE”. So although it might seem like we’re asking for what we want, what we’re actually doing is emphasizing what we perceive we LACK. And this lack will override our desire.

We’re telling the universe (God, The Creator, Universal Intelligence, Source) that we don’t have something, so the universe brings us more of that energy – to NOT have the car, house, money, etc.

So instead of our vision boards bringing us closer to our dreams, they’re repelling the very things that we want. Eeek, not fun!

Here’s how to address these two problems we so commonly overlook.

Before creating a vision board (or any intention in any form), spend time getting quiet, connect to that part of yourself that is all knowing – the part of you that knows that you are limitless, full of possibilities, and capable of bringing your deepest desires to fruition. From this place:

1. Ask yourself, “What do I desire most?” Use your imagination, don’t limit yourself, stretch yourself while still feeling it’s believable. Paint this picture as vividly as you can in your mind.2. Shift your focus from the actual tangible desire (house, new job, money etc.) to the FEELING that this desire will bring you. (The feeling puts you into the same vibration as your desire, not the vibration of lack). Connect to this FEELING as often and as long as you can.

Vision boards have the potential to be great manifestation tools, but for most people, we need to re-frame how we use them. Once we do… the world is our oyster!

Stay tuned next week for part 2, where I’ll share a tip about the Law of Attraction you probably didn’t realize that can help you put it to work for you.