Ever wonder how thoughts turn into things?

Ever wonder how thoughts turn into things?

Do you ever wonder how your thoughts turn into things? And, if you don’t like the results you’ve been getting, is there anything you can do to change it?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

In this week’s VLOG, discover how to override your subconscious programming by flowing with the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy!

I know it seems like a mouthful! But, when you break it down, this law dictates that energy is always moving from an invisible non-form, through a form (like our bodies) and back into non-form again.

So, if you aren’t getting your desired results, the question is…

What are you transmuting?

If you look around you (your desk, computer, phone, water bottle), everything begins with a thought. Right?

Here’s where it becomes juicy!

The non-energy (thought form) will come in and take on the energy that we have existing in our subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is always running the show! It tells our conscious mind how to think.

Watch now and learn how to get the results you want by reprogramming your subconscious mind and turning your non-form energy (thoughts) into things!

OH Relax! 3 simple yet powerful breathing exercises to ‘plug back in’ and de-stress

OH Relax! 3 simple yet powerful breathing exercises to ‘plug back in’ and de-stress

Most of us spend WAAAY too much time in our heads.


This is so indicative of another archetype I talk about…The Human Do-er.

Especially those of us that are the classic career woman. The driven, Go-Getter. The successful Super Woman who never stops!

But amidst the go go go….we have forgotten how to just BE.

So, in this week’s VLOG, I dive right in with 3 simple, yet very powerful breathing exercises you can use anytime, anywhere to…

  • Calm your nerves, plug back in, and connect back to yourself.
  • Recentre you when you are stressed, overwhelmed or feeling triggered.
  • Ground yourself when you feel scattered or anxious.
  • Help you process emotions and show up authentically.
  • Centre yourself before a sales presentation, meeting or public speaking or a negotiation.

And, it even helps you manifest! (yes!)

Ok, it’s not the sexiest topic, but it’s a powerful process that can anchor you back to you, whenever you are stressed out, triggered or just overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world around us right now.

Because, if you want to be a conscious creator, deliberately creating your life with intention…then you need to remain present as much as you possibly can.


We can’t manifest if we are in the past or future, and that’s where most of us live. How can we be connected and receive guidance, inspiration or signs if we are connecting to the past or future?

Well, we can’t.

The key to RECEIVE is to be conscious in the HERE and the NOW.

So here are 3 powerful, yet simple, tools that will help you connect back to the present moment, whenever you find yourself becoming disconnected from yourself….

  • Follow your breath. This one is easy peasy! Simply follow the breathe with your mind’s eye as it enters your body and exits your body. Do this inhale/exhale cycle 5 times for a quick way to bring you back to the present moment in just seconds.
  • 4-4-8. Inhale for 4 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. And, exhale for 8 seconds. Really empty the breath on an 8 count. Repeat. You can even practice drawing in positive thoughts on the inhale and letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you on the exhale.
  • Box Breathing. Imagine the perimeter of a box. Work your breath around that box…inhale on a 4 second count…hold for 4….exhale for 4….hold for 4. And repeat.

Taking even 30 seconds to plug back in and be present is vital!

If you have a big decision to make and need guidance…Plug Back IN!

You can also take these short, simple exercises and extend the time to make this a deeper daily meditation practice.

Remember…it doesn’t have to be hard to be incredibly powerful.

Amp up your wealth & self-worth by examining your tolerations

Amp up your wealth & self-worth by examining your tolerations

If you could describe yourself using only one word…what would it be? Because the truth is…You are Amazing!

How you feel about yourself, how you view yourself and where you put your worth is the set point that you’ve unconsciously created.

And, when you put that out in the world, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, you’re met with it back in terms of “wealth” in different areas of your life whether it’s better health, better relationships, more clients, more money in the bank, or maybe a new home.

You may have heard me touch on how to really access and connect to your amazingness in the past, but today we’re going to dive deep and show you how to amp up your self-worth and your wealth by examining your tolerations and stop putting up with them — for good!

In this week’s VLOG, I pinpoint:

  • How to amp up your self-worth and wealth by looking at and understanding your tolerations.
  • How to learn to think according to Truth, so you can consciously create what you want in your life, in your business, your relationships, and your health and put that into practice.

Here are 3 actionable tools to shift into your amazingness:

  • Identify your tolerations. We continue to get what we tolerate. Make a list of at least 12 things you are tolerating. It can be as simple as a small home repair or bigger like dealing with someone who is toxic.
  • Examine your tolerations to amp up your self-worth and your wealth. Peel back what’s really going on with the tolerations in different areas of your life- whether that is business, career, health, relationships, finances, or hobbies.
  • Connect back to your Truth. Start to turn this around by shifting things to the internal activity and the external activity. Whatever you are doing, take that all-knowing energy and apply it to take inspired action and pick away at your tolerations.

So, here is where the rubber meets the road…

You will continue to get what you believe you’re worth.

So, you want to amp up the volume on your wealth and worth, and let go of the blocks and the energy behind those tolerations. But what are you willing to commit to? What’s one toleration you’re willing to let go of right away? Comment below and let me know what you came up with.