The #1 manifestation challenge and how to overcome it

The #1 manifestation challenge and how to overcome it

Do you ever feel like you are “doing the do’s” (vision board, guided meditations, etc.), yet things just aren’t coming to fruition?

This is likely because you are coming from a “lack” consciousness.

It’s easy to manifest when things aren’t too far out of our comfort zone. It’s when we are in unfamiliar territory with our desires, that things can seem more challenging.

But, here’s the deal. It’s the exact same process. Our thoughts turn into things.

Thoughts – Feelings – Actions -Results

So, what’s getting in your way? YOU are! (please don’t shoot the messenger!)

In this week’s VLOG, I pinpoint how you can move the needle and make the subtle shift from “lack” consciousness to a consciousness of presence. 

Get out of your head and move into present moment awareness. Be still. Be here. Be now. Because, if you are in the past or future, you aren’t here to receive!

Yet, when you are in present-moment awareness, it has everything you desire on the feeling level.

So, how often do you practice being present?

Watch now and learn how to overcome the biggest manifestation challenge most people bump up against. It’s time to get out of your head and recognize that there is no lack. You are already whole here and now.



​Do you love the idea of the Law of Attraction, but haven’t been able to get it to work for you? Or maybe it’s been hit and miss? The real explanation is probably not what you think.

Here’s the truth: The Law of Attraction has been oversimplified and bastardized. If you are familiar with the movie The Secret, it was great from the perspective that it helped humanity become more awake to our abilities to consciously create. On the flip side, the consensus was that the law was so oversimplified and left people feeling misled and bewildered.

So let’s set things straight…

If you’ve been following me lately, you’ll have noticed that I’ve spent a lot of time lately diving into the ways we give away our energy and personal power. It’s the first thing I share with my High Powered Living group, and that’s for a very good reason.

When you want to create a better life (more love, better finances, more fulfilling career etc), you MUST first, “clean up how you show up”.

Why? Because chances are you have limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are running the show. And they hold you back from being the powerful creator that you are!

The tricky part is that you usually aren’t even aware you are doing this… until you are!

I recall years ago when I was stuck at the same income level. I knew I needed to do things differently if I wanted different results. I thought I was doing everything right to attract what I wanted, but then realized I had a blind spot. So I started to become more and more aware of my thoughts and beliefs. I soon discovered that I actually had resistance to growing! Yikes. I believed “If I grow my income, I will have even more responsibilities and work and I will burn out.” It didn’t matter what intentions I set, this belief always won!

In other words, your blocks will always trump your desires! Eeeek, not good!

Once I worked on letting go of my limiting belief and increased the focus on my desire, I ended up quadrupling my income! (Side note: In the process, I created a new belief, “More income means more freedom, more experiences, ability to hire help, serve more people and give back.”)

So to make this Law work for you, you MUST first make the unconscious, conscious so that you can stop arguing for your limitations and become the powerful creator you are.

At a superficial level, can you see why so many people might say the Law of Attraction doesn’t work? Truth is, it is ALWAYS WORKING!! It’s LAW! No different than Newton’s Law of Gravity.

It works but we need to work it! And we must become aware of the energy that we are putting out into the world. Most of us do not live with this kind of awareness.

So let’s recap. To become the powerful conscious creator that you are, you must:

1) Clean up how you show up: Become aware of and overcome your blocks by reclaiming your energy and personal power. (Remember the Human Do-er, The External Validator, The Unexpressed, and the other ways we give away our energy?)

2) Make the unconscious conscious: Look at your results! These are a reflection; manifestations of your thoughts and beliefs. They will tell you how to adjust.

3) Live every day with greater awareness: Make this your new way of BE-ing. The more conscious you are = the greater ability to be a conscious creator.

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Les Brown.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working and you are always attracting! What is it that you are currently attracting? And what is it you REALLY want to attract?



One year ago today, I was in New York. I was there as part of a business program.

While there I saw the musical, Chicago, toured the city by foot for 4 hours one night (can you say blisters?), visited Central Park, Rockefeller skating rink, and, of course, Times Square surrounded by thousands of others.

On my last day I visited the Empire State building (attached pic) and the 911 Memorial… I still remember how palpable the energy was and how it moved me to tears. I am SO grateful for the experiences and to have seen so much of this incredible city!

To say that a lot has happened in just 12 short months is an understatement! Who knew, right? Just 8 months later Covid hit. New York, one of the hardest hit US states, and the rest of the world changed forever… and keeps changing.

As I reflect, it makes me blatantly aware of two things…

1) Nothing in our outer world is permanent. NOTHING. Everything is transient. And yes, sometimes way more transient (and more drastic) than we’d like!

2) Even though I was super grateful for the experiences, I only recently realized that there could be another layer of gratitude. Like so many of us, I took for granted being able to hop on a plane, visit a new city or be amongst hundreds or even thousands of other people. I never gave it a second thought. (Sort of like the sun rising, the air we breathe, the roof over our heads… you get the picture.)

I believe what we are ALL going through is a time of awakening…

To adjust to this ‘new world’, we need to also adjust our gratitude. I feel it’s important we don’t fall prey to thinking there is less to be grateful for! (If you follow any of Dr. David Hawkins work and his map of consciousness, gratitude is calibrated at 510, where fear is 100. How we want to feel is a choice.)

For me, I have newfound gratitude… I am more grateful than ever for:

– My health
– My walks, hikes, runs, especially near the water
– The silly times with my girls (who are home safe and sound with me)
– Our little 6lb fur baby who teaches us unconditional love every day
– My ability to love, even it’s from 6 feet away (like my amazing 85 year old dad)
– The freedom to create my life on my terms
– My home and the food we make (even though I’m not the best cook lol)
– My tenacity and zest for transformation and those who have worked with me
– My audible collection 🙂
– All the incredible people I have met from all over the world in the last 4 months thanks to technology

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts here with you… xo

What newfound gratitude do you have that you might have previously taken for granted?