Embodying radical self-love and unconditional self-acceptance

Embodying radical self-love and unconditional self-acceptance

Today I’m sharing one of the most important messages you’ll ever hear. I cannot overemphasize just how important today’s learnings are for every woman

Embodying radical self-love and unconditional self-acceptance is a MUST to becoming a conscious creator.

As women, we get tripped up on this. Between Society’s messaging and our own unconscious programming and beliefs, we’ve dismissed self-love as ‘fluffy’, a nice to have, but ultimately non-essential thing to have.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

As women, many of us also moms, we are natural nurturers. We are conditioned to take care of others, BUT often at the cost of ourselves.

But we must realize that there is a big difference between GIVING OF ourselves and GIVING UP ourselves. Giving of ourselves is a beautiful thing. Giving up ourselves is not very loving.

Imagine, for a moment, if ALL our decisions came from a place of truly loving ourselves!

We’d be powerful and unstoppable!!!

So take a moment now to ask yourself, what does self-love look like to you?

Think of the people you love the most. You’d probably rate yourself a 10 out of 10 for how well you treat them and love on them. You’d do anything for them right?

What about yourself? How would you rate how well you love yourself? 10? 8? 6?

If it’s not a 10, it’s time to do the work to change that!

Self-love and self-acceptance are NOT selfish. IT’S RESPONSIBLE!!!

It’s how we can best serve ourselves, and how we can best serve and LOVE others!

Remember: You came from love, are made from love, ARE LOVE.

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