How to challenge your money beliefs and transform your life!

How to challenge your money beliefs and transform your life!

Money. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It just is. No matter what judgements you may have around the good old greenback, those come from within you, and the universe wants to express in and through you…even in the form of money.

Today, I’m talking about 2 ways you can reprogram your subconscious away from your banknote blind spots and get you into the financial fast lane.

In this week’s VLOG, I pinpoint:

  1. How to have a conscious desire about money, so that your unconscious desire to keep you safe doesn’t run the show.
  2. How to transform your “money programming” and actively shift your paradigm of subconscious beliefs.

We all have paradigms around money. What are yours? What were you told about it as a child? You don’t need more than you’ve got? And of course, the oldest story out there, that money doesn’t grow on trees.

When we’ve been programmed like this, and new information or opportunity comes our way, our subconscious will tell us how to think about it. It could be the best opportunity since sliced bread, but without new awareness or programming the subconscious will continue to dictate our actions and results.

But the good news is that your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined or real. That means you can reprogram it! Here are 2 powerful ways…

  1. SPACED REPETITION. Take the new image you want such as the income you desire and press it into your mind often – every morning, every night, anytime you can.
  2. EMOTION. How will you feel once it’s here / done / accomplished? Maybe it’s excitement and freedom, or peace and calm. Whatever it is, feel that exact emotion now as if you already have what you want.

It’s easy! Watch the video to find out how!

We can’t transform something if we don’t know it even exists.

So, really think about your hidden money stories. Are they serving you? If not, it’s time to change them. Reply to this email and let me know what you think.

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Become Greater! Than Your Circumstances By Recognizing Your Truth

Become Greater! Than Your Circumstances By Recognizing Your Truth

Following my recent video, How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires, I was asked a question by a member of my community:

‘Janine, you said, “To manifest our desires, we must be greater than our circumstances, and we must be as happy with our vibrational reality as if it were here in our physical reality.” I get this conceptually, but how do I actually DO this?’

When we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, too busy, and like there is too much crazy in the world, just how do we choose happiness and fulfillment?

To answer the question, let’s start with a Truth – your Truth to be exact.

The way for you to become greater than your circumstances and be as happy with your vibrational reality as by recognizing your Truth.

Recognizing and living connected to your Truth is the THE MOST important way you can live your life! And it’s the most important piece in being a conscious creator!

Let’s make the distinction.

Being stressed, carrying an extra 10lbs (or 20!), believing you’re not good enough, or feeling unworthy of more are NOT WHO YOU ARE!! IT IS NOT YOUR TRUTH, THOSE ARE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

So, what is your Truth?

Your Truth is that you are whole, complete, pure love, limitless, extension of Source/God/Creator.

When you live your life connected to your Truth, life happens with LESS efforting.

This is HOW you become greater than your circumstances; it’s how you receive guidance, support, flow, and feel fulfilled.

Sadly, many of us have forgotten our Truth. And when we forget… life is hard.

We mistake our circumstances as our Truth.

There is a difference between what is real and what is True. Just because something is real, doesn’t mean it’s true.

So to get back to our question: HOW do you live more connected to your Truth? Watch this week’s video to find out…

How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires!

How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires!

In today’s video I show you how to be a vibrational match to your desires. Watch it now or check out the nuggets below.

Be sure to check out the full video in the group:

Busting the Myth!
Most of us believe once we manifest our desire, we will feel good. But this is faulty thinking… We have CHOICE HOW we want to feel and WHEN. We can feel good regardless of circumstance.

The Real Reason for Your Desires
The real reason you want the desire is how it will make you FEEL, not the actual manifestation. (Yes, it’s true!)

How Do We Be a Vibrational Match to Our Desires?
Think of your desire RIGHT NOW. How does your desire make you feel? I mean really FEEL? Feel this feeling (vibration) FULLY – in advance as if you already have it AND feel it regardless of your current circumstance.

To be a vibrational match you MUST:

  1. Have a matching elevated emotion – experienced as if it’s here. Done deal!
  2. Practice it’s vibrational reality and be just as happy, content, and fulfilled with the vibrational reality as if you had it in your                 physical reality.

I will leave you with these 2 nuggets

  1. I choose to feel greater than my current circumstances.
  2. I cannot be a vibrational match to my desire, if I am busy being a vibrational match to my current reality