Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Our society has an incessant need to effort, force, and push our way to success. But, we have it completely backwards!

So, in this week’s VLOG, we dive right into how to stop EFFORTING so much!

We all have true desires and goals we want to achieve; it’s part of the human experience. Maybe it’s travelling, falling in love, giving back to the world, living your healthiest life or perhaps expanding your business.

When you are inspired by a true desire (true = inspired = IN SPIRIT), do you go into EFFORT mode? Does your brain say, ‘HOW do I make this happen?

For most of us, it’s YES!!!! 

We forget that EFFORTING pushes away the thing you are working so hard at getting!!!

How to change your energy from force to flow: 

  1. Stay aligned to Source. Your Inner Being, Spirit, God or Universal Energy has got it all figured out!! (Read that again!) So stay connected to whatever that Source is for you, and focus on feeling good because that open you us to divine guidance. Striving, forcing and efforting takes you out of alignment and pushes away what you are working so hard at getting!
  2. Take inspired aligned action. When you get that true desire from within, instead of disconnecting, STAY CONNECTED to that inspiring energy. You will notice that you are guided, led and able to follow where Source leads you. So, make it a practice to live your life connected to your Source. Plug in and stay plugged in – so you can live on the path of least resistance, WITHOUT THE EFFORT!

Watch now and learn how to use LESS effort so you can get on the path of least resistance and create the reality you REALLY want!

How to get out of a slump: 3 ways to honour how you are feeling and move to a better state

How to get out of a slump: 3 ways to honour how you are feeling and move to a better state

Have you found yourself in a slump lately? Whether it’s in our personal lives or business…Covid caused, or just a rainy day “case of the funks,” today is all about building up your anti-funk muscle with 3 key steps to honour how you are feeling and move to a better state.

In this week’s VLOG, I pinpoint:

  1. How to process and deal with repressed feelings and emotions.
  2. How to un-blue yourself and connect back to the truth of who you are.

Most of us weren’t taught how to deal directly with our emotions. And, sometimes when we’re feeling kind of slumpy, or funky, it’s really easy to stay there, because that’s what Ego wants!

So, to kill Ego and shift that energy to a higher vibration and move to a better state:

  1. Honour where you are at. And fully honour your feelings. Whatever you are feeling in your body is just a feeling…it’s not who you are! Fully honouring and feeling is the first step in letting it go!
  2. Connect back to your vision and the feeling of it. When you strengthen this connection it becomes your guiding light; your North Star. Make it a practice to continuously and consciously feed your mind this vision.
  3. Now, take inspired action to gain new evidence! Gaining new evidence helps to affirm a new pattern in your nervous system. Over time, you will build up your anti-funk muscle and will be able to un-blue yourself when needed!

Feeling better? Great!

Just remember

“What is repressed will be expressed in later days and uglier ways.”

So, whether you’re in a slump right now, or a slump in the future, watch this week’s video for some really actionable ways to make the necessary shift from feeling crappy to happy. Then reply to this email and let me know what you think.

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How to Be Your Future Self NOW

How to Be Your Future Self NOW

In this week’s vlog, I show you how to be your future self now. I’m not talking conceptually, but by actually creating an internal experience that you can put into practice over and over again.

To do this, you first need to understand that most of us are trying to create from our current state, but our current state is a record of the past (past thinking, feelings, experiences). So when we try to you create the future from this state, we get more of the past.

When it comes to creating our future, I think Neville said it best, “All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled.”

So to create your future self now, you need to create an internal experience by teaching your brain how to IMAGINE its future self and teaching your body how to FEEL its future self NOW.


Watch it now would love to hear what you think.

How to Be a Conscious Creator!

How to Be a Conscious Creator!

Last Friday, we had an incredible Masterclass – Consciously Create Your Best Year Yet. Women showed up and did the work to reclaim their energy, purpose and power.

Becoming a conscious creator means being in your power. It means living aligned with your inner purpose.

Today, I’d like to highlight one area we focussed on – how to reframe traditional goal setting and create vibrational goals instead.

Think about the vision board. We plaster pictures all over of the ‘dream life’ that we want. The problem with vision boards is that there is no focus. Your vision is scattered, just like the board.

With traditional goal setting we focus on the goal, and RARELY get into the FEELING; which is the secret sauce to bringing your desires to fruition!

Here’s what to do instead to create powerful vibrational goals: Create a wheel with 8 spokes, then put the following 8 categories in each spoke:

  1. Physical/Health/Fitness Wellbeing
  2. Love/Romance/Intimate partner
  3. Family/Friends/Community
  4. Spirituality/Personal Development
  5. Financial
  6. Fun/Recreation/Hobby/Creativity
  7. Career/Business
  8. Life Purpose/ Vision

Pick your top 3 categories and create your top 3 desires you want for 2021.

Next, make a list of how each of these desires FEEL once accomplished. (Come up with as many feeling as possible!)

For example, if you desire a new love, you might choose FEELING words like: loved, nurtured, adored, cherished, supported, at ease, safe… you get the picture? Here’s how you put it into practice:

  1. Coming into presence
  2. Marrying your desires (in the form of a mental image) with your FEELING
  3. Bask in the FEELING as long as you can!
  4. Rinse & repeat

Again, FEEL FEEL FEEL your desires as if they were already accomplished. This is the secret sauce, and often the missing ingredient in making your desires a reality!

For the full version, we have decided to keep the Masterclass in the Conscious Creators in Wealth, Love & Purpose! Facebook group – you can access the group here.