Are you caught in a love/hate relationship with MONEY?

Are you caught in a love/hate relationship with MONEY?

We are a society SO triggered and wounded by money. But the truth is money is neither good nor bad. It just IS.

Money is a symptom of our thinking… so, what meaning have YOU given to money?

TLet’s peel it back, and take a LOOK…

Think of a scenario where you get triggered by money or have resistance to money; where things don’t flow. Perhaps it’s when you receive an unexpected expense, make a big purchase, or you overhear someone sharing that they had a big windfall, or maybe you are already financially abundant but seem to hit an invisible ceiling.

To understand what your relationship is to money, tune into what feelings come up. Is it jealousy, a feeling of scarcity, hard to keep, never enough, hate (ouch) … or heaven forbid… love????

A big clue to help you know how you feel about money and what your relationship is… is by looking at your results! Results don’t lie

Watch this week’s VLOG to learn a simple 3-step exercise to heal your relationship with money.

Letting go: How to fully process your emotions so they don’t get stuck in your emotional body

Letting go: How to fully process your emotions so they don’t get stuck in your emotional body

When it comes to dealing with unwanted emotions…it’s safe to say that most of us don’t process our feelings very well.

So, this week’s VLOG is about how to fully honour and process your emotions, and let them go, so they don’t get stuck and lodged in your emotional body.

As we expand and begin to recognize our wholeness and abundance, at some point we will bump up against our ‘stuff’, which in turn will bring up all sorts of ‘unwanted’ feelings.

And, since emotion is energy in motion…those feelings you don’t process and let go of, will end up taking you out!

So, what do you do when feelings of grief, sadness, shock, anger, sorrow, guilt, or shame start to ruminate inside?

Most of us do one of two things…

  • Indulge in the story and give it energy by feeding it and keeping it alive, or…
  • Repress and ignore it, which keeps it alive and gives it energy.

Both of these patterns feed the emotion and affirm it in our energy body.

To return to your wholeness and live your most expanded self, you want to…

…fully feel the feelings, with NO story, NO label, NO judgment. JUST THE FEELING. This is where the ego dies.

You must separate the story from the event, so you don’t become the mind/body connection to the event.

Honour ALL of yourself, even the unwanted emotions. This is the path to becoming a powerful, conscious creator!

Watch this week’s VLOG to find out how you can feel it to heal it. Then reply to this email and let me know what you think.




Over the last several months, I’ve observed more kindness and compassion in some areas but also more rudeness, lashing out and online bullying. It seems like it’s at an all time high. Have you noticed this too? For some, perhaps, the current charged environment of 2020 is making it ‘okay’ for people to come out of the rafters and pass judgement on others.

It’s been quite the year, so it’s understandable why many people feel on edge.

But today I want to turn the spotlight inwards.

Here’s the thing… whenever someone lashes out in a spontaneous judgement towards another human being, be it in traffic, online, or anywhere else, it’s usually not about the person they are ‘angry’ with. It’s actually about what’s going on for them.

You might be thinking, but Janine, how can that be? That person did something or said something stupid, and clearly is in the wrong.

Whether the person in question did something wrong is beside the point. (And just to be clear, I’m not saying that everyone gets a free pass to act however they want, nor am I suggesting you be a doormat!)

The point is when we feel triggered by something, it’s an opportunity to explore what’s REALLY going on.

To go within ourselves not outside ourselves and examine the emotion and story behind it. (Not to mention an immense opportunity to grow!)

For most people, it’s easy to hide behind a keyboard or a steering wheel and rashly judge someone else as being ‘wrong’. It’s much more difficult to look in the mirror and ask why that was a trigger for us.

The truth can feel uncomfortable because it forces us to admit that we have some work to do to heal, and to clean up how we show up.

Unfortunately, as humans we often feel threatened, so our response is to lash out. When I say threatened, I don’t necessarily mean physically. It could be a threat to our identity, or way of viewing the world. Maybe it’s an old wound that we never fully faced.

One thing is for sure, it can feel scary.

Yet, imagine a world where we all looked within before reacting to others… wow!

What if we thought of the ‘other’ person as one of our loved ones – our aging mother or our teenage son or daughter who struggles with low self-esteem?

Think of a situation where something triggered you and you lashed out. Now imagine how you would have reacted differently had it been a loved one.

The next time you encounter a charged situation, try this short exercise:

1. Pause and take a step back. Give yourself a moment before doing or saying anything. Take a deep breath. Count to 10.

2. Ask yourself, why is this situation triggering me? Or what is this situation teaching me? Clear your head and allow whatever thoughts you have to float in without judgement. You may not be able to fully answer in the moment, but it can help you to move past your first reaction to get a little perspective.

Do this anytime you are triggered, and you will begin to uncover the story behind the reaction that is holding you captive.

What once triggered you will simply BE. This is a great practice and great place to BE!

Give it a go. I would love to hear what you think!



I saved this photo in my phone back in Nov 2015 as I loved the human-ness of it; the pureness, the innocence and how it captures our truest nature – Oneness.

Now, I don’t consider myself a political person, but I DO take a stand for the betterment of humanity… we all must!

As I watched the news last night (I typically watch ‘just enough’ to get a pulse) my eyes began to well up… protests, riots, watching George Floyd’s brother. Wow.

When I reflect on it, what I see is a test. We are ALL being tested right now, here in this moment in time. We are being asked to heal our individual wounds and our collective wounds. The world is demanding it and we must heed that call.

Now this may feel like a jump from the divisiveness of today, but if we all understood Oneness – that at the core of who we are, we are not separate – we would not be in this destructive and chaotic place right now.

I’m well aware that for some, Oneness may sound fluffy and vague, but nothing could be farther from the truth. To KNOW and experience Oneness is all encompassing; it’s where we find true freedom, true peace of mind, unconditional love and acceptance.

In this place there is no room for hatred.

You see Oneness can be experienced without credence to any particular religion; it doesn’t see skin colour or sex. To understand Oneness is to KNOW we are all connected; we all came from the same ‘place’, made from the same ‘stuff’, we will return to the same ‘place’.

These bodies we live in, the colour of our skin that God/Creator/Universal Energy (whatever your belief is) gave us, are NOT WHO we are… it’s just our outer (and temporary) packaging.

Sure, as humans we are different and unique, but the essence of who we are is NOT different or unique. And THAT is the point society is missing right now!

Whether on a global level or personal level, we are well overdue for a reframe – to turn away from our ‘perceived enemy’ and look within (something most people do not have the courage to do). The truth is our ‘perceived enemy’ is always our own projection. ALWAYS. In essence, we are fighting ourselves!

Two weeks ago, I spoke about Oneness vs Separateness in the program I’m leading. I know it can be a bit of a mind f**k at first, but as we wrap our heads around it and learn to go beyond the mind, ego, thoughts, and senses that typically dominate us, we become aware of our connectedness… even if it’s just glimpses at first.

As you practice and experience this state more, you’ll see through a new lens, one that no longer recognizes ourselves as separate from everyone else, but rather intrinsically interconnected.

And as we each do our own part, it will impact the whole as it ripples out… which is so very needed, not to mention, incredibly healing and freeing!

Let me put this in more practical terms – what if we all do our part and become a little more aware, care a little more, wake up a little more, heal a little more, help a little more, grow a little more, smile a little more, give a little more, love a little more? What impact could that have?

The future is in our hands. It starts with the actions we choose right now, today, in this moment. As Barack Obama said in this week’s address to the nation, “You have the power to make things better.”

Remember: The world is asking for the best version of ourselves right now.

Let’s all do our part for ALL of humanity – for ourselves, our children, our family, our community, our country, our planet.

I love how John Lennon summarized Oneness so eloquently, “I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together.”