LET GO of the story! It’s time to call yourself out!

LET GO of the story! It’s time to call yourself out!

So, what’s your story? You know, the one you keep telling? 

Maybe it’s around your business.

Maybe it’s around your health.

Maybe it’s about relationships.

Oh, and we can’t forget…. money!

When you bring them to the surface…

What do you tell yourself?

“I’m always broke.” “Money’s hard.” “I never have enough money.”

Maybe you keep thinking, “My business just isn’t where I want it to be.”

“I have such toxic people in my life!” or “I’m so tired of that person!”

Well, one thing is for sure. When we keep telling a story over and over (to ourselves or to others), we are not seeing the story for what it REALLY IS.

Here are some truth bombs for you…

  • Your story is trying to show you the way
  • Your story is trying to show you the REAL YOU!
  • Your story is a gateway to your higher expression! (yes, you read that right!)

But you can’t transform it unless you are aware of it and open to bringing your blind spots into full view.

Isn’t it time, especially given the world we live in today, that you LET GO of the story that is keeping you safe and comfortable?

How to get answers quickly AND that are right!

How to get answers quickly AND that are right!

Excited to be sharing this week’s topic with you – how to make big decisions and KNOW without any doubt you’re getting the right answer!

Have you ever had a BIG decision to make?

  • What’s the best way to grow my business?
  • Is this business/career path right for me?
  • Should I stay or leave this relationship?

… BUT couldn’t seem to get an answer OR you got an answer but didn’t trust it?

First off, know that when you ask… it is given. The problem is we get in our own way and block ourselves from receiving the answer!

How? By creating resistance.

We are so overly identified with our intellect, that when it comes to decision-making we get in our head and look for our answers here. But have you ever noticed, the harder you try, the more you push your answer away?

Most decisions are not purely intellectual! So we need to learn to LET GO of the intellect and make decisions in a new way!

A new way where you come to realize the answer is right in front of you!

To learn how to take the path of least resistance so you get your answers quickly AND trust them when you do receive them….

Watch the vlog now and let me know how it goes.