How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires!

How to be a Vibrational Match to Your Desires!

In today’s video I show you how to be a vibrational match to your desires. Watch it now or check out the nuggets below.

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Busting the Myth!
Most of us believe once we manifest our desire, we will feel good. But this is faulty thinking… We have CHOICE HOW we want to feel and WHEN. We can feel good regardless of circumstance.

The Real Reason for Your Desires
The real reason you want the desire is how it will make you FEEL, not the actual manifestation. (Yes, it’s true!)

How Do We Be a Vibrational Match to Our Desires?
Think of your desire RIGHT NOW. How does your desire make you feel? I mean really FEEL? Feel this feeling (vibration) FULLY – in advance as if you already have it AND feel it regardless of your current circumstance.

To be a vibrational match you MUST:

  1. Have a matching elevated emotion – experienced as if it’s here. Done deal!
  2. Practice it’s vibrational reality and be just as happy, content, and fulfilled with the vibrational reality as if you had it in your                 physical reality.

I will leave you with these 2 nuggets

  1. I choose to feel greater than my current circumstances.
  2. I cannot be a vibrational match to my desire, if I am busy being a vibrational match to my current reality



We all have desires. It’s part of the human condition to yearn and want to evolve.

What do you desire? A month-long tropical vacation, or to create a new business? Maybe you want to retire early or buy a vacation home? Maybe what you really desire is more financial wealth.

Whatever we desire, we must have the right point of attraction to energetically draw it to us.

What do I mean? Well, let’s use money as an example. Let’s say you want to attract $10,000, but you only have $500 in your bank account.

Scenario #1: You look at your bank account and you only see $500. You do not see $10,000 so it feels like $9,500 missing. In this case, your point of attraction is the absence of the $9,500 you want!

And you know the deal…

When we practise absence, we get more absence. (Far from ideal!)

This scenario is easy to do (we’ve been practising it for years) and easy not to do BUT it requires a new way of thinking and diligence to make it a practise that pays off!! Let me explain how to switch it up.

Scenario #2: You look at your bank account and see $500, and you want $10,000. You focus on the presence of what you DO have ($500) then you take time to bask in the feeling of appreciation, satisfaction and gratitude for this $500! You are as grateful and appreciative as you possibly can be for the presence of this $500! In this case, your point of attraction is focused on the presence of what you want to attract.

Practising presence along with appreciation, satisfaction and gratitude are very very different vibrations from absence!!

And again, you know the deal, when we practise the presence of anything, and believe in it, we attract more of it.

Sadly, we are a society that limits ourselves to what we can only experience in our current physical reality (our 5 senses: we can see, smell, touch, hear, taste). But if we truly want to grow and consciously create our lives, we must access our higher faculties– our imagination for one.

So to attract the full $10,000 into your bank account you must use your imagination and visualize the presence of $10,000 AND get emotionally involved!! (rinse and repeat)

You must move beyond your current circumstances and experience your future desired reality in advance. Use all your senses to experience the $10,000 NOW. Imagine that the $10,000 is in your bank account RIGHT NOW. (Pause. Feel it… Imagine it to be true… Believe it to be true.) How do you feel? Giddy? Overjoyed? Elated? Feel it now just as if it is happening now.

Want to know the paradox?

Most people think they need to experience the desire (in this case, money) first, in order to feel the way they want to feel. But as I demonstrated, you can feel that way RIGHT NOW. And if you can feel that way right now, then you don’t actually need the desire at all.

After all, isn’t feeling good the whole point anyway?



Do you create vision boards? You’re not alone. Many people use this tool as a way to manifest what they want in their lives. It seems like such a great idea, right? A tool to help visualize the things we want in life.

Maybe we took a workshop, diligently built out our ideal life with photos cut out of magazines or printed off the internet. Then we hung it on our walls and looked at it every day. We stare at it and think about that car we want to drive or that house we want to live in.

Then we start to get disappointed (or frustrated) that the vision board isn’t helping us to get those things we want. It’s not working. Grrrr!!

We might ask a teacher or coach about this, and they might give us advice like, “You just need to try harder” or “You’re not focusing enough”. Ugh, really?

So, just what is the problem? Here are the two biggies that most people miss.

1. Believability of Our Vision:  When we create beautiful vision boards of the life we want, we typically add a lot of photos of a lifestyle that is probably really far off from what we currently live. It might be a big house, a slim body, an expensive car, vacations to exotic places. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things (in fact, wanting or desiring when from your essence is part of the human condition AND how we grow), but it’s often such a big leap that our minds don’t feel it’s believable. And if it’s not believable, we have created an unconscious block from bringing it to fruition.

Am I saying never go for the big hairy audacious goals? Absolutely not! In fact, I am a fan of them. Stretch yourself, but be sure they feel believable to you!

2. Thoughts Behind the Vision: If you understand the basics of manifestation, you know that thoughts become things. So what thoughts are we actually saying (aloud or in our head)? Probably, “I really want this car, that I DON’T HAVE” or “I want to live in this house, that I DON’T HAVE”. So although it might seem like we’re asking for what we want, what we’re actually doing is emphasizing what we perceive we LACK. And this lack will override our desire.

We’re telling the universe (God, The Creator, Universal Intelligence, Source) that we don’t have something, so the universe brings us more of that energy – to NOT have the car, house, money, etc.

So instead of our vision boards bringing us closer to our dreams, they’re repelling the very things that we want. Eeek, not fun!

Here’s how to address these two problems we so commonly overlook.

Before creating a vision board (or any intention in any form), spend time getting quiet, connect to that part of yourself that is all knowing – the part of you that knows that you are limitless, full of possibilities, and capable of bringing your deepest desires to fruition. From this place:

1. Ask yourself, “What do I desire most?” Use your imagination, don’t limit yourself, stretch yourself while still feeling it’s believable. Paint this picture as vividly as you can in your mind.2. Shift your focus from the actual tangible desire (house, new job, money etc.) to the FEELING that this desire will bring you. (The feeling puts you into the same vibration as your desire, not the vibration of lack). Connect to this FEELING as often and as long as you can.

Vision boards have the potential to be great manifestation tools, but for most people, we need to re-frame how we use them. Once we do… the world is our oyster!

Stay tuned next week for part 2, where I’ll share a tip about the Law of Attraction you probably didn’t realize that can help you put it to work for you.