The Power of Embodying Your Feminine Essence!

The Power of Embodying Your Feminine Essence!

This week I dive deep into the concept of honouring and embodying your native feminine essence.

I’m definitely not the first person to talk about how women are born into a world of inequality. Nor am I the first to tell you that many women learn to embrace masculine energy to get ahead… meaning we over-ride our native essence.

Why does this matter so much?

When we don’t fully honour our feminine, whether we are consciously aware we are doing it or not, we are giving away our personal power and preventing ourselves from living our fullest expression.

And when we do that, it will impact every area of our lives from our relationships to our businesses or our bank accounts.

Watch the video now and explore with me…

  • just what feminine and masculine energy is (Hint: This has very little to do with whether you are a man or a woman),
  • what YOUR native sexual essence is,
  • and how to embody more of your native feminine essence and take back your power.

Watch the vlog now… would love to know what you think.