LET GO of the story! It’s time to call yourself out!

LET GO of the story! It’s time to call yourself out!

So, what’s your story? You know, the one you keep telling? 

Maybe it’s around your business.

Maybe it’s around your health.

Maybe it’s about relationships.

Oh, and we can’t forget…. money!

When you bring them to the surface…

What do you tell yourself?

“I’m always broke.” “Money’s hard.” “I never have enough money.”

Maybe you keep thinking, “My business just isn’t where I want it to be.”

“I have such toxic people in my life!” or “I’m so tired of that person!”

Well, one thing is for sure. When we keep telling a story over and over (to ourselves or to others), we are not seeing the story for what it REALLY IS.

Here are some truth bombs for you…

  • Your story is trying to show you the way
  • Your story is trying to show you the REAL YOU!
  • Your story is a gateway to your higher expression! (yes, you read that right!)

But you can’t transform it unless you are aware of it and open to bringing your blind spots into full view.

Isn’t it time, especially given the world we live in today, that you LET GO of the story that is keeping you safe and comfortable?

Are you an Over-Giver? Well, stop that!

Are you an Over-Giver? Well, stop that!

Today we are talking about “The Over-Giver” –a pattern amongst many women, especially moms, caregivers and even business women that is so prevalent in today’s society.

Are you an Over-Giver?

If the answer is a resounding YES, know that you are not alone.

And I always say…

It’s wonderful to give, but never at the cost of yourself!


Because then you are giving away your power, your energy and even blocking your wealth!

The moment I realized I was the epitome of an Over-Giver came on the heels of a breakup.

It was the turning point in my life. I had been taking care of kids, family, my partner…I’d been taking care of everyone except ME.

Once that fully registered and I knew I had to make a shift– EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I started to show up in a different way. Instead of giving UP myself, I chose to give OF myself.

So, where is that for you? Where is the line between giving and loving yourself and letting your energy flow, or depleting yourself for the sake of others?

Powerful, isn’t it?

Identifying prevalent wealth energy archetypes (like the Over-Giver) that block your power and deplete your energy is the first action step, so that you can embody the empowered version (The Giver/Receiver) that you are truly meant to be!

Embodying your full power is an integral component of my upcoming 3-month program, Conscious Wealth Creators Academy. It is about showing up for yourself in a new way. It’s about learning to live in alignment with the truth of who you are and CONSCIOUSLY creating the life you KNOW you were meant for!

We will cover all 10 wealth energy archetypes so that you can:

  • Reclaim your wealth building energy and begin living in alignment with your wealthiest life.
  • Let go of your energy blocks so you can stop depleting yourself for the sake of others.
  • Show up in a new way where you can give/receive from an aligned place. 

Now is YOUR time to CONSCIOUSLY create YOUR wealthiest life – money, business, relationships!

Embracing Your BIGGEST Superpower… Vulnerability!!

Embracing Your BIGGEST Superpower… Vulnerability!!

Today, I want to talk about one of our biggest hidden superpowers – vulnerability.

Did you just feel tempted to stop reading? Vulnerability can make us uncomfortable, but it’s soooo necessary.

In fact, it’s a big missing piece in how most of us do life, relationships, and business.

It’s not always easy to show what we perceive as “flaws”, we can often turn a blind eye to them ourselves. But here’s the thing, being vulnerable is what makes us human and when we can learn to embrace all of ourselves, even the parts we’d rather not share, that’s what leads to true abundance.

For me, I’ve often held back in the vulnerability department, but it keeps coming up… and when that happens, it’s a big flag for me to lean towards it and embrace it.

So as I explore this for myself, I invite you to do the same. There is so much more depth, relatability, and joy when we are willing to go there with people.

Brené Brown, the queen of vulnerability, talks about how when we numb out in any area like worthiness or shame, we also numb out in the other areas like joy, belonging, and connection. We can’t selectively numb out on one thing without the other.

Yet, when we do lean in and embrace those parts of ourselves, it amplifies the positive.

That’s a pretty good reason to lean in, isn’t it?

It’s not about giving away our deepest, darkest secrets.

It is about showing our humanness. It’s what makes us relatable, which naturally brings us closer to one another.

Let’s explore this. Why do you think that people don’t want to share themselves or be seen?

Maybe it’s fear of rejection, or fear of what people will think. There could be shame around it or a desire to be seen a certain way. Sometimes it’s because we might think it will make us look weak.

What is it for you? What do you fear could happen if you let your guard down?

Now challenge that thought… is it true? Crack it open just a little bit and be willing to let people see just a little bit more. This could be different for everyone. Some people are great at being seen, while others hold back. No matter where you are on the spectrum, there’s always another level.

Ask yourself the following: If I stay put and I’m not vulnerable, I get to…. (stay small, stay safe, not be judged, etc.)

Chances are when you ask this question, you’ll see that it’s not actually serving you.

Remember: The degree to which you can be vulnerable will be the same degree you will grow into the woman you are meant to be.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.