Take Your Power Back by Letting Go of Your (unconscious) Resistance!

Take Your Power Back by Letting Go of Your (unconscious) Resistance!

Take Your Power Back by Letting Go of Your (unconscious) Resistance!

We create so much unnecessary resistance (and suffering) in our everyday life and don’t even notice because it’s become ‘normal.’

But when we do this, we are:

  • Not in our power
  • Disconnected from who we really are
  • Working against ourselves to consciously create our reality

This is not how we are meant to live! 

We are meant to live in FLOW (without resistance)…

Yes, this is a tall order, but we can start where we are…. today!

In this week’s video, we look at:

  • Where your resistance is?
  • What the (unconscious) pay-off is?
  • A new way of thinking so you can let go of the resistance and take your power back!

Are you pushing away the very thing you want most? (Say what?!) …

Are you pushing away the very thing you want most? (Say what?!) …

Today’s topic is one that keeps coming up over and over as we learn what it really takes to manifest the BIG stuff!

So I have a question for you… Do you ever feel like you’re pushing away the very thing you want most?

Now, when I say “want”, I’m talking about your desires that come from within, not a “want” from a place of lack or Ego.

Here’s the truth: Whether you desire something simple or big, the CREATIVE PROCESS to bring it into your physical reality is the EXACT SAME!

Stay with me…

Think about something simple you want, let’s say planting a new section in your garden. (Easy to manifest, right?) Now think about something that feels big to you, perhaps having 10 new clients or acquiring $1M. (Does it feel ‘harder’?) Again, the manifestation process is the exact same – Thoughts to Feelings to Action turn into Results.

SO why do we have such an issue bringing in the BIG stuff???

When we go from the simple to BIG, our perception changes. We get in the way and start thinking it’s going to be hard, we question it, or have doubt or fear around it. This is RESISTANCE. And when we have resistance, we push it away.

The key is to change your perception of your BIG desire! When you learn to change your perception, you will change your reality!

This week’s VLOG is all about understanding why it seems so much harder to manifest the bigger stuff.

This is a big one to get!!

Just remember: Bottom line – change your perception, and change your reality!

Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Our society has an incessant need to effort, force, and push our way to success. But, we have it completely backwards!

So, in this week’s VLOG, we dive right into how to stop EFFORTING so much!

We all have true desires and goals we want to achieve; it’s part of the human experience. Maybe it’s travelling, falling in love, giving back to the world, living your healthiest life or perhaps expanding your business.

When you are inspired by a true desire (true = inspired = IN SPIRIT), do you go into EFFORT mode? Does your brain say, ‘HOW do I make this happen?

For most of us, it’s YES!!!! 

We forget that EFFORTING pushes away the thing you are working so hard at getting!!!

How to change your energy from force to flow: 

  1. Stay aligned to Source. Your Inner Being, Spirit, God or Universal Energy has got it all figured out!! (Read that again!) So stay connected to whatever that Source is for you, and focus on feeling good because that open you us to divine guidance. Striving, forcing and efforting takes you out of alignment and pushes away what you are working so hard at getting!
  2. Take inspired aligned action. When you get that true desire from within, instead of disconnecting, STAY CONNECTED to that inspiring energy. You will notice that you are guided, led and able to follow where Source leads you. So, make it a practice to live your life connected to your Source. Plug in and stay plugged in – so you can live on the path of least resistance, WITHOUT THE EFFORT!

Watch now and learn how to use LESS effort so you can get on the path of least resistance and create the reality you REALLY want!

How to get answers quickly AND that are right!

How to get answers quickly AND that are right!

Excited to be sharing this week’s topic with you – how to make big decisions and KNOW without any doubt you’re getting the right answer!

Have you ever had a BIG decision to make?

  • What’s the best way to grow my business?
  • Is this business/career path right for me?
  • Should I stay or leave this relationship?

… BUT couldn’t seem to get an answer OR you got an answer but didn’t trust it?

First off, know that when you ask… it is given. The problem is we get in our own way and block ourselves from receiving the answer!

How? By creating resistance.

We are so overly identified with our intellect, that when it comes to decision-making we get in our head and look for our answers here. But have you ever noticed, the harder you try, the more you push your answer away?

Most decisions are not purely intellectual! So we need to learn to LET GO of the intellect and make decisions in a new way!

A new way where you come to realize the answer is right in front of you!

To learn how to take the path of least resistance so you get your answers quickly AND trust them when you do receive them….

Watch the vlog now and let me know how it goes.

THE PROCESS: From Thought to Reality

THE PROCESS: From Thought to Reality

In this week’s vlog, I walk you through The Process and share the cheat sheet with you.

Think about anything you want to create in your life – writing a book, making more money, or strengthening your relationship.

To bring anything big or small from thought to reality, The Process will bring awareness of when we are on the path of least resistance and the path of most resistance.

This big picture awareness helps to reframe your resistance so that you can shift onto the path of least resistance. This is where your desire will manifest.

Watch it now and tell me what you think.