Kiss this low vibration goodbye… for good!!!

Kiss this low vibration goodbye… for good!!!

 Do you know when you have split energy??? Meaning you are saying yes AND no to yourself at the same time.

For most of us we do this a LOT!

We say yes to our vision, our growth, our desires, what we want to create in the world, AND at the same time, we have contradictory energy.

This split energy is often a blind spot for us… until it’s not.

Well, in this week’s VLOG, I’d like to share a new perspective that unveils your blind spots and immediately shifts you from a low vibration (giving away your power and disconnected from your Truth) to a higher vibration (in alignment and in your full power).

When we are aligned, we are in “yes” mode (higher vibration).

  • YES, this is the life I want to do/have/experience. 
  • YES, this is my vision and I’m the creator of my reality (alignment).

BUT IN THE SAME BREATH we may be unknowingly taking ourselves out of this high vibration when we look at certain areas of our life that we aren’t happy with.

  • We may be unconsciously pointing our fingers, blaming something or someone for it being that way (my ex, family, teacher, economy, housing market, stock market crash, landlord, boss…)
  • Even though this can be very subtle, it puts us in “victim mode” (low vibration, not in alignment).

When we state that someone or something did something to us (outside of ourselves), we become disconnected from our truth that we are co-creators of our lives.

Ready for a different perspective?

Listen up… rather than playing the blame game consider this:

Your soul has called these experiences into your life for your learning, for your growth, for your expansion, for your evolution!!!

So, if you really want to grow and expand, when you encounter a situation or person in your life that tells you that you aren’t deserving/worthy/lovable etc., instead of pointing the finger, rise above and recognize it’s a golden opportunity for your expansion!

When you can see it for what it REALLY is – not only do you move into a higher vibration, where you’re in alignment, but there’s a TON OF FREEDOM!

Watch now and learn how to call yourself out WITH LOVE so you can break your habitual patterns and kiss that low vibration goodbye…for good!



Follow your truth… wherever it takes you.

Janine Brolly

We are all familiar with the saying, ‘the fork in the road’. We know it symbolizes a decision point in our lives where an opportunity presents itself and we must choose which direction we will take.

Let me tell you about a different fork in the road. One I’ve experienced that I hope sheds some light on your decisions when you meet your fork in the road.

Growing up I felt like I did all the ‘right things’ – being the good girl, the people pleaser, doing what I was told – you know the drill and maybe you can relate. So I felt that I ‘should’ have been on the right path.

As an adult, busy mom and business owner I was ambitious, driven, continually learning, taking workshops and even leading workshops… BUT most days I was running around on autopilot, just going through the motions of daily life. I was doing the DO, but never slowing down long enough to dip below the threshold to see what’s really going on.

For the most part, it appeared I had a pretty good life but truth be told, I wasn’t totally fulfilled. I had patterns of burn-out, and was lacking that passion; that joie de vivre! I knew that there had to be more… I could feel it in my bones that something deep within me was calling.

And then it hit me. What was missing in my life was ME. I hadn’t made me a priority in my own life!

I needed to look inside; to ask myself what I wanted? What was most important to me?

I had hit the metaphorical fork in the road. And now that I was aware of it, I had to move forward… it’s a no-brainer decision, right? Or is it?

On one hand… (here is where the ego kicks in)… my life isn’t that bad, right? I mean, do I really want to go down this new road? Do I really need to change?

But on the other hand, I could sense a calling, a pull as if it was from my soul. I couldn’t ignore that, could I?

But wait? Does this mean I need to be willing to go deeper and meet myself? To embrace, honour and love the part of me that I wasn’t previously willing to even look at, let alone unconditionally accept?

Decision time – stay comfy, familiar, don’t rock the boat, comply with what people think of me
cross over the barrier, into the unknown… where deep down I KNEW with every cell of my being that my soul was calling me and where I would truly flourish.

It took a few tries, even waffling between being comfy and being courageous, but I finally listened. I chose me. I chose alignment and purpose. And it was the best decision of my life – right up there with having kids!

I share this with you because I want you to know that if you have reached your fork in the road, no matter how difficult it might seem, taking that leap is SOOO worth it.

My wish is for you to go for everything you’ve ever wanted. Far too many people make positive change only when the pain becomes too great… you don’t have to wait. You can choose YOU now!

And if you want some support as you bravely choose your new path let’s set up a time to talk.

I can’t promise you what lies ahead for you, but I can promise you that choosing to follow your truth always pays off. Always, ALL ways.