Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Our society has an incessant need to effort, force, and push our way to success. But, we have it completely backwards!

So, in this week’s VLOG, we dive right into how to stop EFFORTING so much!

We all have true desires and goals we want to achieve; it’s part of the human experience. Maybe it’s travelling, falling in love, giving back to the world, living your healthiest life or perhaps expanding your business.

When you are inspired by a true desire (true = inspired = IN SPIRIT), do you go into EFFORT mode? Does your brain say, ‘HOW do I make this happen?

For most of us, it’s YES!!!! 

We forget that EFFORTING pushes away the thing you are working so hard at getting!!!

How to change your energy from force to flow: 

  1. Stay aligned to Source. Your Inner Being, Spirit, God or Universal Energy has got it all figured out!! (Read that again!) So stay connected to whatever that Source is for you, and focus on feeling good because that open you us to divine guidance. Striving, forcing and efforting takes you out of alignment and pushes away what you are working so hard at getting!
  2. Take inspired aligned action. When you get that true desire from within, instead of disconnecting, STAY CONNECTED to that inspiring energy. You will notice that you are guided, led and able to follow where Source leads you. So, make it a practice to live your life connected to your Source. Plug in and stay plugged in – so you can live on the path of least resistance, WITHOUT THE EFFORT!

Watch now and learn how to use LESS effort so you can get on the path of least resistance and create the reality you REALLY want!



​There seems to be so much talk about ‘finding’ or ‘discovering’ our purpose.

But the reality is we do not go looking ‘out there’ to find or discover it. Our purpose is already within us. So we must learn to connect to ourselves to get reacquainted with it.

As a whole, society has become so far removed and disconnected from ourselves it’s no wonder we feel like we have lost our purpose and need to go find it.

So let’s peel this topic down to the core…

We have a primary purpose and a secondary purpose.

Our primary purpose is to awaken.

Awaken to what, you ask? Awaken to the Truth of who we are – that we are whole, complete, pure love, unlimited, an extension of Source/ Creator/ God/ Universal Intelligence.

We are so much more than our physical bodies. (That narrow perception is what most of society focuses on.) But this is limited thinking AND it’s the reason we have such a tough time knowing our purpose!

Our secondary purpose is our outer expression (what we are ‘doing’ in the world such as teacher, entrepreneur, artist etc). And it is expressed using your primary purpose.

This secondary/outer purpose is what most people are ‘looking’ for. We ask ourselves, ‘What am I meant to do?’ The way to unveil this outer purpose is through our inner purpose.

It is only through recognizing our true essence, that our outer purpose will begin to show itself. It all falls into place once we are connected within ourselves.

I recall a little story that always stuck with me. Several years ago while out with my youngest daughter, Alicia, she pointed out the local crosswalk lady and said, “She is the best crosswalk lady! She always asks you how your day is going, then cheers you on to have the best day ever!” (You can imagine the smile that came over my face!)

You see, it’s not so much about WHAT you’re doing, but more about WHO you are being while doing it!

Here are two truths for you. And I want you to read this with an open mind….

Truth #1: You already know what your purpose is AND you already know how to get it.

How can this be? Because it is innate within us.

But our disconnection to our truth gives us the illusion that we don’t know our purpose, and that we need to go ‘out there’ to ‘find’ it.

I know…. It’s a bit of a mind fu*#.

Truth #2: When your purpose (desire/yearning) is shown to you, it means that within you, you also have the ability to fulfill it.

Stop. Pause. Let that one soak in!

Sadly, most people do not fully commit.

For several years, I sensed that I was supposed to be doing something different than I was. I was fairly happy, worked with amazing people, made great money BUT I didn’t feel fulfilled. I had a yearning for more, but I resisted. I would move in the new direction, but then have thoughts like ‘What will people think?’ or ‘Who am I to do this?’. I wasn’t fully connected to me, and I let my fears keep me small so I settled, hid my gifts and talents, and undervalued myself.

Once I began to awaken to my truth, my outer purpose was revealed. And as I began to take action and show up more for me, I gained full clarity AND the path to fulfill it. Today I feel so alive doing exactly what lights me up… helping others stop holding back and live their purpose!

Isn’t it crazy how we let our fears and false thinking stop us from being who we really are?
Isn’t it crazy how our tolerations take the front seat of our lives over our desires?
Isn’t it crazy how this prevents us from stepping into our full expression?
Isn’t it time we change this???

Now ask yourself…

What is one untruth you tell yourself that keeps you safe and small? (Answer with compassion for yourself!)

What is a new truth you can tell yourself right away, so you can connect to YOU and your purpose within you?