You want answers… then get out of your head! Otherwise, you’re telling the universe “I’m too busy to make life easier!”

You want answers… then get out of your head! Otherwise, you’re telling the universe “I’m too busy to make life easier!”

We are a society that lives in our head WAAAY too much! We spend so much time in our mental bodies but this isn’t where we get our guidance from.

It’s like we are saying, “I’m too busy to make my life easier.” Yikes!

Knowing this and doing anything about it are two different things…

But, if you really want true success in life, then get out of your head and:

  • get into your WHOLE body
  • be present in the here and now
  • be grounded and connected to your BE-ingness

And, this will help you go from disconnected to connected (to Source).

This week is all about getting out of your head and getting tuned into the present moment. I’ll be giving you a couple of ways to stay connected to Source, so tune in to this week’s blog by joining my High Powered Women – Conscious Creators in Wealth, Love & Business! Facebook group here

When you aren’t in your head, you are better able to manifest in receiving mode… we can’t manifest if not here! You can’t receive inspiration, nudges from Source if you aren’t connected to it!

Truth is, the magic (answers, guidance, support, inspiration, synchronicities, heightened intuition) are ALWAYS here and accessible to you!! It’s in front of you ALL the time, ALL day long….So, then the question becomes, are you tuned in??? You need to tune in in order to receive!!!!!

Now remember… when you DO get the answers, insights, nudges… that is the Source speaking to you… you must take action, even if it doesn’t make sense! This will strengthen your connection!

So, the bottom line is, if you are NOT getting nudges, inspiration, guidance, synchronicities, you are not tuned in or on the path of least resistance. (You’re disconnected and on the path of more resistance… oh my!)

Conscious Creators know that being in the here and now is the best way to get WAY more done in WAY less time.   (This blew my mind when I first started to experience this!)

I’d love to hear about how this makes life easier for you. Drop me a comment below! 

Are you violating this universal law?

Are you violating this universal law?

When it comes to the laws that govern our universe, whether we know it or not, we are either violating them, or in harmony with them.

I know the word “violate” is pretty cringe-worthy…

But, today we dive deep into one of the laws that most of us violate without even knowing it!

And, it’s hurting our success.

It’s the Universal Law of Gender aka the Universal Law of Gestation which governs our masculine and feminine sides and our creativity.

This isn’t about sex education, but it’s just as juicy!

Bottom line – if you have a goal or desire that you want to manifest, it will happen when the time is right.

We have an image.

We build that image in our mind.

And, then we have FAITH that it’s coming. (Read that again)

So, it’s the gestation period when something manifests from concept into form.

If you plant a carrot seed, how long does it take to grow? 6 weeks to come into full form.

An elephant? 20-24 months.

A human baby? 9.5 months.

Your burning desire or dream? That’s the big question.

Do you 100% believe in it?

Do you believe your desire will develop and mature into form with as much faith as if you planted a carrot seed?

So, how long does it take you to bring your desire to fruition?

Watch this week’s VLOG to find out.

Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Stop EFFORTING so much… it’s derailing your success!

Our society has an incessant need to effort, force, and push our way to success. But, we have it completely backwards!

So, in this week’s VLOG, we dive right into how to stop EFFORTING so much!

We all have true desires and goals we want to achieve; it’s part of the human experience. Maybe it’s travelling, falling in love, giving back to the world, living your healthiest life or perhaps expanding your business.

When you are inspired by a true desire (true = inspired = IN SPIRIT), do you go into EFFORT mode? Does your brain say, ‘HOW do I make this happen?

For most of us, it’s YES!!!! 

We forget that EFFORTING pushes away the thing you are working so hard at getting!!!

How to change your energy from force to flow: 

  1. Stay aligned to Source. Your Inner Being, Spirit, God or Universal Energy has got it all figured out!! (Read that again!) So stay connected to whatever that Source is for you, and focus on feeling good because that open you us to divine guidance. Striving, forcing and efforting takes you out of alignment and pushes away what you are working so hard at getting!
  2. Take inspired aligned action. When you get that true desire from within, instead of disconnecting, STAY CONNECTED to that inspiring energy. You will notice that you are guided, led and able to follow where Source leads you. So, make it a practice to live your life connected to your Source. Plug in and stay plugged in – so you can live on the path of least resistance, WITHOUT THE EFFORT!

Watch now and learn how to use LESS effort so you can get on the path of least resistance and create the reality you REALLY want!