Take Your Power Back by Letting Go of Your (unconscious) Resistance!

Take Your Power Back by Letting Go of Your (unconscious) Resistance!

Take Your Power Back by Letting Go of Your (unconscious) Resistance!

We create so much unnecessary resistance (and suffering) in our everyday life and don’t even notice because it’s become ‘normal.’

But when we do this, we are:

  • Not in our power
  • Disconnected from who we really are
  • Working against ourselves to consciously create our reality

This is not how we are meant to live! 

We are meant to live in FLOW (without resistance)…

Yes, this is a tall order, but we can start where we are…. today!

In this week’s video, we look at:

  • Where your resistance is?
  • What the (unconscious) pay-off is?
  • A new way of thinking so you can let go of the resistance and take your power back!

Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 2

Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 2

Last week, in Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 1, we talked about moving from resistance to non-resistance because what we resist, persists. Whether it’s bad weather, a lineup at the bank or resisting our deepest desires, resistance causes unnecessary suffering.

In today’s video I talk about the Law of Non-Resistance and how to apply it to your YES moments.

What is non-resistance?
Non-resistance is when we get out of the way and allow things to be as they are, AND for good things to come to us; allowing ourselves to receive. This includes receiving our desires!

Non-Resistance = Acceptance
When it comes to things that are out of our control and we’re unable to change the situation, we must remember we have choice how we respond. In most cases, it would be to our advantage (big time) to truly ‘go with the flow’ and take the path of least resistance. This is acceptance.

Law of Non-Resistance
This universal law is simple. If we become in harmony, life will flow to us much easier. Ignoring or violating this law brings unnecessary suffering.

Connecting back to you 
We all get those YES moments, where we feel called to express or create something. Yet, too often we don’t follow through. When this happens, connect back to you, where the inspiration came from!

Remember, your “yes” comes from your Truth
So, take whatever your yes is… apply the Law of Non-Resistance and make it happen! KNOW THAT WHEN YOU RECEIVE THESE YES MOMENTS, THIS ALSO MEANS YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE THEM!

Keep applying the law to your deepest desires or anything you want to bring to fruition… This is Being in your power!!

Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 1

Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 1

Resistance may not sound like a sexy topic, but it’s HUGE and we need to pay attention to it because it shows up EVERYWHERE!

Everywhere I look right now I feel an undertone going on around this. With all that is going on in the world, lots of people are growing and shifting. This is exciting, BUT it also creates the need for us to be aware of our own resistance. This is the ego trying to keep us safe and small.

Be WISE to this!!

In one of my 7 Energy Archetypes, I address this resistance because it so prevalent.

There are 2 main ways we resist. The first is by resisting ‘what is’ – the natural flow of things. This is what you don’t have control over such as the cost of living, line-ups, traffic, bills, taxes, weather, the way people are. THESE THINGS JUST ARE, and often we don’t even consider it as resistance because it’s become so ‘normal’ to resist these types of things. It’s like we have been programmed.

But it’s important to remember that no matter how subtle, this form of resistance is still wasted energy AND as you know, what we resist, persists! But here’s the thing…

RESISTANCE causes unnecessary suffering!

The good news is that it’s easy to shift the obvious stuff. With a little awareness, you can catch yourself doing it and choose differently.

Sometimes this resistance can be a little sneakier, such as when we have a desire/goal that we’re focussed on, yet we simultaneously, unconsciously block it from coming to fruition.

How? We do this when we doubt it, question where it is, wonder why it hasn’t shown up or focus on it not being here yet. ALL resistance.

If we are not where we want to be, we have resistance.

So ask yourself what is the thing I do that keeps my desires at bay?

The second way that we resist is more serious. It can show as the ‘YES but’ syndrome. It happens when we feel called to do something; a pull on our heart strings, BUT we hold back out of fear, doubt or worry.

This resistance will wreak havoc in your life – and the crazy part is that many of us go our whole lives like this.

Now let me ask you: What is your ‘Yes BUT’??? Where do you feel the call BUT then put the brakes on yourself? What is one thing you can do right away to take the brakes off you?

And remember, awareness has the potential to change everything. So pay attention. You are a creator. Live with more intention, so you can create what you want.

Watch part 2: How to embody Non-Resistance and one of the Universal laws around non-resistance.



Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.

Eckhart Tolle

What is your favourite flavour of suffering? (Say what?!)

Yup! We ALL do it! Some more than others. We make things waaaay harder on ourselves than need be.

It might be a minor event like getting stuck in heavy traffic OR a major event like staying in a relationship or job far too long when you knew it was best to leave.

Let’s break it down…

In the case of heavy traffic, the suffering has nothing to do with the traffic at all, it’s the meaning we attach to it. When we label heavy traffic as ‘bad’, it contradicts our idea of ‘good’ traffic. So we’ve created a situation where we suffer. We want ‘good’ traffic, we have ‘bad’ traffic, so now we are unhappy.

Totally unnecessary AND we’ve disconnected from the truth of who we are.

Heavy traffic is neither good nor bad. It just is. When we label what is happening as ‘bad’, we give it power. Not to mention, we are giving away our power!!

And when we do this hundreds of times a day in a myriad of ways, not only have we created our own suffering, we actually become addicted to the rush we experience each time we encounter another ‘bad’ situation.

Soooo… now that we are more aware, we have a choice in how we want to show up – we can choose to continue down the same unconscious bumpy road that controls us OR we can take the highway (aka the high way) by letting go of the unnecessary attachment and accepting what is out of our control.

Not good. Not bad. Just acceptance of what is… THIS is the road free of suffering!