I’ve been in conversation with so many people lately who are really thriving… but when I ask them how they’re doing, they preface it by saying “Well, I feel guilty saying this given what’s happening around the world, but I’m actually doing really well.”

I’ve even caught myself saying this in one form or another. Like it’s not okay to feel good right now.

Being compassionate towards other people’s suffering is a wonderful trait, but suffering on their behalf does nothing to help. It just creates your own suffering.

And feeling bad doesn’t make a bad situation good. It just keeps the bad, bad. There is no amount of bad that helps any situation get better! And it doesn’t make us part of the solution.

The solution is to own it; to feel as good as you can! Because it’s from this ‘good’ place that you can be of service to others – whether that be donating to a worthwhile organization globally or locally, buying an elderly neighbor some groceries or checking in on a friend who might be struggling.

These actions help make us part of the solution.

So I’ve decided to be more aware and catch myself when feeling bad for feeling good.

Because being of service, supporting, and loving on each other is what we’re here to do! Being more awake is what is being called for right now.

So if I’m feeling good (or heaven forbid, even great) and someone asks me how I’m doing I’ll tell them, “I’m doing great, thank you.” And I hope you will too.

We could all use a little more ‘great’ in our lives right now and you feeling good gives other people permission to feel great, too.