LET GO of the story! It’s time to call yourself out!

LET GO of the story! It’s time to call yourself out!

So, what’s your story? You know, the one you keep telling? 

Maybe it’s around your business.

Maybe it’s around your health.

Maybe it’s about relationships.

Oh, and we can’t forget…. money!

When you bring them to the surface…

What do you tell yourself?

“I’m always broke.” “Money’s hard.” “I never have enough money.”

Maybe you keep thinking, “My business just isn’t where I want it to be.”

“I have such toxic people in my life!” or “I’m so tired of that person!”

Well, one thing is for sure. When we keep telling a story over and over (to ourselves or to others), we are not seeing the story for what it REALLY IS.

Here are some truth bombs for you…

  • Your story is trying to show you the way
  • Your story is trying to show you the REAL YOU!
  • Your story is a gateway to your higher expression! (yes, you read that right!)

But you can’t transform it unless you are aware of it and open to bringing your blind spots into full view.

Isn’t it time, especially given the world we live in today, that you LET GO of the story that is keeping you safe and comfortable?

Kiss this low vibration goodbye… for good!!!

Kiss this low vibration goodbye… for good!!!

 Do you know when you have split energy??? Meaning you are saying yes AND no to yourself at the same time.

For most of us we do this a LOT!

We say yes to our vision, our growth, our desires, what we want to create in the world, AND at the same time, we have contradictory energy.

This split energy is often a blind spot for us… until it’s not.

Well, in this week’s VLOG, I’d like to share a new perspective that unveils your blind spots and immediately shifts you from a low vibration (giving away your power and disconnected from your Truth) to a higher vibration (in alignment and in your full power).

When we are aligned, we are in “yes” mode (higher vibration).

  • YES, this is the life I want to do/have/experience. 
  • YES, this is my vision and I’m the creator of my reality (alignment).

BUT IN THE SAME BREATH we may be unknowingly taking ourselves out of this high vibration when we look at certain areas of our life that we aren’t happy with.

  • We may be unconsciously pointing our fingers, blaming something or someone for it being that way (my ex, family, teacher, economy, housing market, stock market crash, landlord, boss…)
  • Even though this can be very subtle, it puts us in “victim mode” (low vibration, not in alignment).

When we state that someone or something did something to us (outside of ourselves), we become disconnected from our truth that we are co-creators of our lives.

Ready for a different perspective?

Listen up… rather than playing the blame game consider this:

Your soul has called these experiences into your life for your learning, for your growth, for your expansion, for your evolution!!!

So, if you really want to grow and expand, when you encounter a situation or person in your life that tells you that you aren’t deserving/worthy/lovable etc., instead of pointing the finger, rise above and recognize it’s a golden opportunity for your expansion!

When you can see it for what it REALLY is – not only do you move into a higher vibration, where you’re in alignment, but there’s a TON OF FREEDOM!

Watch now and learn how to call yourself out WITH LOVE so you can break your habitual patterns and kiss that low vibration goodbye…for good!

You have the power to collapse time!

You have the power to collapse time!

As the holiday season approaches, along with the crisp December air I feel each day as I walk Riley, comes that familiar feeling of busyness, striving, and doing.

The holidays may be different this year, but it doesn’t change the fact that many people are caught in the cycle of ‘doing’ and not slowing down enough to really enjoy themselves, to BE in the flow, and to appreciate the gifts around them.

This is the exact reason why I got into this work. I used to have a pattern of burn out. It was pretty normal for me to go so hard and push myself in my work as well as my fitness until my body forced me to stop. I eventually learned the hard way that there is a much better way; a more elegant, more feminine and more efficient way to achieve your goals.

These days I am committed to my daily practices that support my way of Being. I still have a big vision, a purpose that I am pursuing with all my heart.

But the beautiful thing is that I’ve finally learned that we can truly have it all without the burn out.

But my practices are just that… practices. I’m not perfect and sometimes I catch myself slipping. The saving grace is that I’ve built up my self-awareness muscle, so now when I see that happening I’m able to realign and keep going.

Let me give you an example. I have several projects in the works right now for my business. I’m launching the first intake for 2021 for my High Powered Living program, am deep into creating a brand new program (more on that another time) and I’ve just launched my brand new Facebook community. Plus a few other exciting projects on the go!

Every one of these are aligned with my purpose and inspire me regularly.

Yet earlier this week I started to feel overwhelmed. With the different projects on the go and the need to be at my best for each one of them, I noticed I was starting to feel foggy and scattered in my actions because there were just too many!

Have you ever had it happen where you have so many ‘to do’s’ going through your head that you felt foggy or scattered? That was me. The same time I was feeling this way, I also had a knowing that when my life gets busier and more ‘full’ that I need to amp UP my practice to support me even more. I know this from personal experience.

I had to put my knowing into practice AND put my money where my mouth was, seeing as I mentor women on how to build their own daily practices!

So before going to bed, I got still and quieted my mind the best I could. I spent a bit more time here than usual. Then I asked for guidance.

The next morning before fully waking, I was flooded with ideas and answers for my upcoming projects. I quickly grabbed my phone, opened up my voice memos and articulated the whole plan I just ‘received’.

What would have taken me about 10 hours of work, came through in less than 10 minutes. Wow!

This is what it means to do more with less effort; to collapse time.


It was such reinforcement that we are always supported, always guided. We just have to get out of our own way!!

Sadly, I hear many people say that when they get busier, their ‘practice’ is often the first thing to slide. But it’s the exact opposite of what needs to happen! I know it seems counterintuitive to slow down and create space in order to be productive, but it’s what we need and really the only path to Being the best version of ourselves.

So what does this have to do with you?

If there is something you’ve been needing to get done, but you’re struggling to focus on it or feel at a standstill, I encourage you to create space for yourself. Block off time, do some meditation, yoga, walk in nature or whatever it is that helps you clear your head, then go to bed and ‘forget’ about it.

Giving your mind that break makes room for creative ideas, answers, and insights to come in. In fact it is vital to operate from your highest self. Our greatest source of power comes from the spaces we create between all the doing.

And when we are BEING, instead of DOING all the time, we experience much more joy, creativity and fulfillment. Sounds pretty great, right?