Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 2

Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 2

Last week, in Breakthrough Your Resistance Part 1, we talked about moving from resistance to non-resistance because what we resist, persists. Whether it’s bad weather, a lineup at the bank or resisting our deepest desires, resistance causes unnecessary suffering.

In today’s video I talk about the Law of Non-Resistance and how to apply it to your YES moments.

What is non-resistance?
Non-resistance is when we get out of the way and allow things to be as they are, AND for good things to come to us; allowing ourselves to receive. This includes receiving our desires!

Non-Resistance = Acceptance
When it comes to things that are out of our control and we’re unable to change the situation, we must remember we have choice how we respond. In most cases, it would be to our advantage (big time) to truly ‘go with the flow’ and take the path of least resistance. This is acceptance.

Law of Non-Resistance
This universal law is simple. If we become in harmony, life will flow to us much easier. Ignoring or violating this law brings unnecessary suffering.

Connecting back to you 
We all get those YES moments, where we feel called to express or create something. Yet, too often we don’t follow through. When this happens, connect back to you, where the inspiration came from!

Remember, your “yes” comes from your Truth
So, take whatever your yes is… apply the Law of Non-Resistance and make it happen! KNOW THAT WHEN YOU RECEIVE THESE YES MOMENTS, THIS ALSO MEANS YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE THEM!

Keep applying the law to your deepest desires or anything you want to bring to fruition… This is Being in your power!!