What does the word WEALTH conjure for you? Is it all about the cash, or does it have a deeper meaning?

I believe true wealth is not just about the money, but, rather, it’s the ability to choose a life full of rich experiences. Money is simply a vehicle to create the life we desire.

So, I’ll ask you, are you living a wealthy life, rich in experiences and finances?

Or are you trading time for money and feeling like you’re not getting ahead?’

Are you living the life you really want to be living?

Or have you put off that vacation, missed your kid’s school recitals or activities, and seen the flames of your relationship squelched by the doldrums of daily life?

Did you know the average marriage could have been saved with an extra $500 a month? Yet, so often, we as women, sell ourselves short. We don’t feel worthy of a wealthy life.

It’s a common theme, especially with moms. We are incredible nurturers, natural caregivers and are so gifted at taking care of other peoples’ needs that we put ourselves at the end of the breadline.

We undervalue our needs, desires, and wants – often putting our dreams on hold, or worse yet, letting them die.

By being strong for everyone else without staying true to ourselves, we give our power away.

I’ve been there too. I spent a good portion of my life trying to prove my worth. I worked hard for everything, and yes, I got ahead and had success, but it was unnecessarily hard work that eventually led to burnout.

It wasn’t until I recognized that I had been trying to prove my worthiness and look for validation outside myself when it was within me all along, that life became easier.

Today I have a different approach to life. By realizing my value and my worth, I’ve created a truly wealthy lifestyle, one where I’ve achieved the time freedom to be with my daughters, and the financial freedom to pursue my passions of philanthropy and empowering women to live wealthy lives.

It is part of my life’s mission to guide other women in creating a wealthy life, as they define it, for themselves.

Janine Brolly | Work With Me

Work With Me

This is an invitation… It is an opportunity to create wealth.

It’s not for everyone, however, this is the vehicle I’ve used to create financial independence for myself. It is how I’ve helped other women create wealth and realize their inherent worth.

For those of you who resonate with it, it can be your vehicle too.

The company and community I’ve chosen to partner with is on the leading edge of health and wellness, and is on its way to being the top International Wellness company in the world. We are progressive, collaborative, and inherently different than Corporate America in that we lift each other up instead of stepping over one another.

My purpose is to serve and help women embrace all of who they are and can be.

Janine Brolly | Work With Me

There are systems in place to see you from start to success, and I will guide you for as long as you need to get up and running, feeling comfortable, and creating the life you desire.

If you are ready to feel empowered, embrace your worth, and create wealth that reaches far beyond cash in the bank, then I invite you to connect with me.

We’ll set up a time to chat, and I’ll explain about what we do and how we work.

Before we dig into details, we’ll get honest about what you REALLY want, what may be holding you back, and design a plan of action that fits you and your life.

From there we’ll create a strategy together that is the perfect combination of capturing your unique needs while utilizing systems to support you in achieving your goals. You will be personally supported and mentored by me while also receiving group support and training.

Work with Janine Brolly

“I met Janine almost 4 years ago.  This was at time in my life when I felt a calling to do something more, be something better and reach my highest potential.  

Joseph Campbell states in his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, (and I paraphrase) that when we have a calling on our lives that we choose to answer that the Universe will send a mentor, someone to help through guidance and challenge.  For me this person was Janine.  

She is an amazing woman who truly inspires others to be their best.  She is an amazing friend, mentor and true example of someone who is following her bliss!

And now, just a few short years later I am fully supporting my three kids doing what I LOVE.  

I am no longer having to work a dead end job, but instead I am truly empowered and continue working towards my bliss!  

Janine has been wonderfully supportive all the way and I am eternally grateful”.

-Chanci McCann


What you want goes much deeper than a certain amount of cash in the bank. 

What you really want is to experience life at full capacity, to be able to say YES to your desires and dreams without hesitation.

It’s not the extra $500 or $5000 a month that is the solution; it’s the happiness, freedom, and joy that you crave. It is the FEELING that wealthy living provides.

But when you don’t claim your true worth, value, or potential, you stay stuck in survival mode.

On top of that, when all your energy is going out, there isn’t a whole lot left for yourself.  When your cup is empty, there is nothing left to share with the ones you love.

People talk about physical pain, but they don’t talk about financial pain.

And a huge portion of the population is in financial pain. It’s an unnecessary suffering.

You are a women who deserves my help; I know we can do this together.

A wealthy life with financial success is easier than you think, and we have the tracks to run on.


So let’s step into our full worth and live full on, once and for all!

Work with Janine Brolly

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