Through my own personal journey and having worked with hundreds of women, I believe that most women undervalue themselves and do not feel totally worthy of all the richness in life… and this appears to be epidemic! It’s time we collectively shift this – for ourselves, for our children, for our men and for humanity!

This is why I am inspired to host the Worthy & Wealthy Women’s 6-Week INTENSIVE online program and I invite you to join me.  

Interactive. Impactful. Transformational. This game-changing program addresses inner work as the foundation and outer work as our self-expression.

By increasing your awareness of how and why you give away your energy and power, you can begin to reclaim this back within yourself. The results are astounding! Janine inspires women to know their value, claim their worth and step into their power… And she will hold you accountable every step of the way. This program is designed for women entrepreneurs who feel burnt out or unfulfilled and are ready for the next level. You and your business will never be the same!

I facilitate high-achieving women entrepreneurs who feel burnt-out or unfulfilled to find strategies to reclaim their energy and catapult their life and business.

As a master facilitator, I will show you how:

* To become aware of how you give away your energy

* To reclaim your energy and power

* To connect deeply to your inspiration

* To CATAPULT your life and business!

Program Overview

In this powerful 6 week online INTENSIVE program, you will:
  • Become aware of the unconscious yet common ways you give your energy away (and power) as a high achieving woman
  • Learn why you may have all the outer signs of success but still feel exhausted (and how to address the #1 reason)
  • Identify your ‘no so obvious’ major energy drains so that you can move from feeling stuck to feeling fulfilled and on purpose
  • Practice aligning yourself with your deepest truth, creating an internal shift
  • Learn the key steps I took to regain my energy and quadruple my income with less effort than I had previously experienced in my career
  • Learn crucial energy management and manifestation principles
  • Take inspired and imperfect action with greater flow than ever before
  • Learn how to reclaim your energy and shift from “proving” energy to “worthy” energy… you go girl!
  • Be held accountable so that there’s no way you can not succeed!
  • Gain a new community of like-minded inspiring women
  • Have some serious fun otherwise… what’s the point, right?

Program Details:

Program Runs: 6 Weeks

Call times: 11 AM Pacific Time (approximately 75 minutes)

  • Mondays – Mastermind Deep Dive
  • Thursdays – Mastermind Content
  • Program completion date: December 7, 2017

Program Investment:

Regular price: $1497 

Special pricing $997 one time payment or 3 payments of $397

*Initial deposit is non-refundable

*15-day cancellation notice must be given to receive refund.

Contact Janine to join the next Mastermind session or arrange a custom session for your group. 

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Women’s Mastermind Installment Plan
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3 after 6 weeks $397.00 CAD
Total $1,191.00 CAD
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It takes courage to self-reflect. Exponential growth and success comes with the right alignment and inner foundation to have the capacity to support that kind of growth from inside out. As a master facilitator, my promise is to support you to know your value and claim your worth.

If you’re ready for even greater expansion than ever before, without feeling the need to put the brakes on… I invite you to join our Mastermind INTENSIVE program and like-minded community for an intimate, interactive and transformational experience!

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Get real with yourself and claim your worth! Join our growing and dynamic community for inspiration. I'll see you on the other side... 

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