The Online Live Workshop: 


An inspiring, interactive soul session for women ready to #SHOWUPMORE and claim their worth!

What if you Showed Up Like Never Before?

This is my live, online workshop designed to connect you to inspiration and become aware of the not-so-obvious energy drains in your life. Together we will explore how you can reclaim your energy and personal power.  

By increasing your awareness of how and why you give away your energy and personal power, you can begin to reclaim this back within yourself. The results will be astounding.  In this workshop you will connect with your inspiration and create your own unique plan to catapult yourself to greater self-expression and show up more in your life.

Workshop Overview

  • Become aware of the unconscious yet common ways you give your energy and power away
  • Learn why you may have all the outer signs of success but still feel exhausted (and how to address the #1 reason)
  • Identify your ‘not so obvious’ major energy drains so that you can move from feeling stuck to feeling fulfilled and on purpose
  • Create your unique self-declaration plan and align yourself with accountability and inspiration for that internal shiftL
  • Learn how to reclaim your energy and shift from “proving” energy to “worthy” energy… you go girl!
  • Learn how to be accountable so that there’s no way you can not succeed!
  • Gain a new community of like-minded inspiring women
  • Have some serious fun otherwise… what’s the point, right? 


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Program Details:

Ongoing Sessions: Contact Janine


Workshop Investment:

Regular *$69 per person

Special Pre-Registration Rate: *$59 per person or $89 for you and a friend. 

*48 hour cancellation notice must be given to receive refund.


  EARLY BIRD $59 for One     


It takes courage to self-reflect. Exponential growth and success comes with the right alignment and inner foundation to have the capacity to support that kind of growth from inside out. As a master facilitator, my promise is to support you to know your value and claim your worth. I look forward to welcoming you at this live workshop session!

Get real with yourself and claim your worth! Join our growing and dynamic community for inspiration. I'll see you on the other side... 

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